One Response to “Braverman tackles dinghy invaders. Truth from a Comedian / Andrew Lawrence”

  1. Aldous says:

    Isn’t Suella Braverman (I wonder what its real name is?) a virtual dingy(sic) invader itself?
    Certain it is that she don’t look very English or even British by the usual standards or definition.
    A dog born in a stable after all doesn’t make it a horse?
    She wouldn’t be out of place in downtown Delhi.
    Whatever her proper name is, she won’t solve a damn thing as she takes her marching orders and reads her scripts from the usual suspects.
    I can’t believe a toe rag like her was even born when so many great guys perished in Dallas this weekend.
    Dallas UPDATE: New Video, NTSB Press Conference And Crew Member Information (13:35)