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Biden, Sunak renew vows. UK training secret army. Putin explains Kherson. Titanic Crimea stamp. U/1

This was the training centre which was taken out by Russia early on with significant loss; now moved to Poland and Greece. Important article by Grayzone.

UK is in very very deep.

Putin explains that evacuating  civilians from Kherson is to save lives.

A second Titanic stamp released by Ukraine of Kersch Bridge. It was out of action for 6 hours, but this seems to be the achievement of which they are most proud.

Leaked documents: British spies constructing secret terror army in Ukraine – The Grayzone

Documents obtained by The Grayzone reveal plans by a cell of British military-intelligence figures to organize and train a covert Ukrainian “partisan” army with explicit instructions to attack Russian targets in Crimea. On October 28th, a Ukrainian drone attack damaged the Russian Black Sea fleet’s flagship vessel in the Crimean port of Sevastopol.

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