Better to fight to the last than surrender to Ukrainian army


Vladlen Tatarsky is military reporter from the Donbass. In 2014 he joined the People’s Militia in Gorlovka, served in the Vityaz regiment of the LPR. Today, Vladlen Tatarsky is back on the front line, as a special military correspondent. On November 19th, he released new video commenting on another murder of Russian prisoners of war by Ukrainian Nazis.

Hello, this is Vladlen Tatarsky.

And today the news of the day is the shooting of servicemen.

It is not yet clear to which specific military unit they belonged, but this is the shooting of our Russian soldiers by Ukrainian soldiers.

Ukrainians more and more often leave compromising materials on video media, on digital media on the network. They are not shy about putting it on the Internet.

As far as I understand, this happened in the village of Makeevka (not to be confused with the city of Makeevka in the DPR), it is in the area of Kremennaya, Svatovo, in the north of the LPR.

Ukrainian soldiers, who were subsequently identified as border guards, very quickly found out their names, data, places of residence, completely their entire career, including the fact that they had previously participated in the KVN team (note: television humorous games).

The time of the “uprising of evil clowns” began!

In the video, we see how soldiers go out to surrender one at a time and then one soldier runs out at the end, who decided to resist. He seriously wounded the Ukrainian military, but he himself was later killed. In retaliation for the fact that one soldier did not want to surrender, the rest were killed by a shot in the back of the head, lying in the yard.

Ukrainians had previously distributed this video, but only part of it and the video said that they died from the arrival of “120” mines. When I saw this video, it surprised me that they all lie so flat. I know about the love of Ukrainians for necrophilia and I thought that they probably laid them out like that for spectacular shots. But it turned out that it was a shooting of soldiers. We do not see anything new, we do not expect anything new from them. For those who want to surrender without a fight.

One of my comrades was captured, but already in a hopeless condition. And here we see armed people sitting in the house, they had helmets, body armor, they did not resist, they wanted to live, but they were not allowed to live. This must be remembered by all servicemen who go to the front line.

Now mobilization has taken place, many civilians will go to war and for some reason many think that those mobilized do not die, they are not killed, they are not tortured. No, the mobilized is the same soldier. And he, like everything, can die, be wounded during a special operation.

Therefore, everyone with whom I communicated did not even have the idea of surrendering to prisoners, for example, savages from ISIS (* a terrorist group banned in Russia). Ukraine is no better than ISIS, so everyone who goes to the front should remember that Ukraine is the same ISIS, only here in Europe and they do not need to surrender.

It is necessary to resist to the last, especially when there is an opportunity for this.

The Lord will strengthen all in this decision!