As Frustration with Zelensky Grows, the PR War Crumbles; Turkey and Iran Launch Offensives Against Kurds in Syria and Iraq

West’s No 1 power in  Ukraine is soft power/ propaganda/media; this is beginning to falter.

NYTimes and Newsweek’s articles/headlines discussed; even the UN is backtracking slightly over the murdered Russian POWS. None of these will ever come round and blame Ukraine, but are starting to acknowledge; Z in their bad books for three reasons:

  • the murdered Russian POWs
  • lying about the missile in Poland – staying on the Neo-Con Script
  • renewed shelling of the nuclear power plant – IAEA to visit again; will still spin it and blame Russia

Will Elensky flee the country if the lights go out in December/January?

Turkey and Iran both attacking the Kurds; the Kurds are US proxies, so this is a message to the US; stop funding these groups.

After three months Sweden has decided that the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline was sabotage.  This was just their ‘Phase 1’? How many more phases will there be? However long they take ( ten years?) they in the end will declare that it was the Russians who destroyed their own pipeline.

US can’t afford to alienate Saudi Arabia, so Biden has granted immunity to MbS over the murder of Khashoggi.

Some EU countries running out of money to support their present Ukrainian refugees.

Sunak was in Kiev to deliver some sort of orders to Elensky.  Have to pay tribute to the globalist agenda while there.

Ukrainian soldiers being trained on British soil given a cigarette lighter as part of their kit; slick video about it as part of their soft power – MOD. Soft power is their No 1 weapon, greatest tool. UK knee deep in Ukraine; going to be the UK that will pay a heavy price for investing so much into this project; Sunak doesn’t have strength or independence to get the UK out of this mess.

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