As Christmas Approaches, How Ireland’s RTE Terrified/Brainwashed Children During Traditional pre-Christmas show 2 years ago – several videos at link

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Fairytales are meant to begin with “Once Upon A Time” and end with “Happily Ever After”. That always used to be the case up until 2020. However, on one dark evening on 27th November 2020, that all changed for the worse. What was initially a fairytale TV show had turned into a horror performance.

But before I explain what went on that dark night, I need to provide some context in the months leading up to it. Many will be familiar with covid’s biggest cheerleaders who wanted lockdowns, social distancing and masks to continue “ad infinitum” until the magic vaccine appeared. Even when it appeared they actively promoted endless boosters, endless lockdowns, endless social distancing and endless masks to continue forever.

On 27th November 2020 it was taken to a whole new level and these same people want an amnesty or forgiveness for their behaviour during the pandemic. I wrote about it here.

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Within the last week Emily Oster an economist at Brown University wrote an article in The Atlantic entitled “Let’s Declare A Pandemic Amnesty” We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID. This article unsurprisingly rubbed up a lot of people the wrong way. If you haven’t read it yet, you need to. It will on…
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Many people will have forgotten what happened that November night, never saw the show or simply don’t care and have their head buried in the sand now that things are returning to the “new normal”. The truth is there need to be constant reminders about people’s behaviour and more important the national broadcasters behaviour. If this piece wakes a few more people up on the two year anniversary of that night then it will have been worth it.

Let me explain what happened. Picture this if you can. Families being in a Level 5 lockdown in the middle of winter 2020 as Christmas fast approached. Children excitedly asking their parents if they could stay up late to watch ’The Late Late Toy Show”

Let me put this in context for people reading outside of Ireland.

Every year about 4 weeks before Christmas, Ireland’s national Broadcaster RTE has a 2.5 hour show called “The Late Late Toy Show”. Airing annually on RTÉ One near the end of November or early December to coincide with the holiday shopping season, the Toy Show showcases the popular toys of the year, as presented by the host Ryan Tubridy and demonstrated by various children on-stage, along with appearances by celebrity guests.

Over 500,000 people sit down with their families to watch this show about 4 weeks before Christmas. The 2022 version is this weekend hence writing this article now on the time of its anniversary.

Ryan Tubridy is probably one of Ireland’s most recognisable celebrities fronting “The Ryan Tubridy Show” on RTE Radio One and “The Late Late Show” on RTE 1. He reputedly earns €495,000 per year.

Tubridy is undoubtedly in a position of power, being watched and listened to by so many. However, with “great power comes great responsibility”. Sadly, there has been little or no responsibility these last three years. His paycheck depends on the propaganda he is told to push.

Unfortunately, he was doing the bidding of his paymasters RTE and therefore by extension the Govt. He was obviously under instructions to say and do what they told him. You could say he was a puppet on a string.

Since June 2020 (and probably earlier) his radio shows and TV shows were littered with references to COVID-19. Make no mistake about it, everything you saw and heard was very intentional. The constant messaging was to instill in people “The New Normal”. Tubridy himself even got Covid in March 2020 and it was all over the newspapers.

You could be forgiven for believing that if a TV presenter says “New World Order” once then it’s accidental but when it has been said 3 times on his various radio and TV shows then you know it’s no accident. This all started way back in early June 2020

RTE Radio One – 10th June 2020 @ 4.45 mins

It’s a whole “new world order”

RTE Radio One – 10th August 2020 @ 2.20 mins

We also have the “new world order” today of masks

In Sep 2020 Tubridy spoke of Covid “savaging our grand parents” and the population “playing Russian roulette with the lives of our healthcare workers” as well as us deciding “we didn’t want the schools to stay shut”

Once he had finished pointing the finger at the watching public he said “The vaccine is coming. We’re almost there. I’m sure of it”

If you haven’t seen this it is essential viewing. Communist China could learn a thing or two.

In many ways the scene had been set for The Toy Show. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise what happened. Yet it did..

In the lead up to the 2020 show on 13th November 2020 he said

“The whole show is going to be like something we’ve never done before and something that everyone at home has never seen before, it’s a whole “new world order”

In continuing with the “new world order” theme of the “Late Late Toy Show” it was riddled with references to Covid-19.

Over the course of the show there were references being made to pandemics, giving virtual hugs & dying as well as an advert for the jab. I’m pretty sure there was also a clip where a child was told not to touch paper or coins as they could catch Covid (although I couldn’t find that one)

They crossed the line though when they started to use children for their propaganda purposes and it is for this reason that there needs to be constant reminders.

In one clip he said

“We are in the middle of a pandemic” @ 0.45 sec

This constant reminder was to keep people fearful and making the point that only mainstream media should be trusted as your only source of news.

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The Late Late Show @RTELateLateShow
Two MILLION! You are all amazing 😱 🙌🏻 #LateLateToyShow #rtetoyshowappeal

One of the heroes of the show was a little boy called Adam King who was in a wheelchair due to a brittle bone condition. However rather than letting Adam being the centre of attention both RTE and Tubridy said

“You can’t give him a hug because of the thing. You can give him a virtual hug” @ 1.18 min

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The Late Late Show @RTELateLateShow
Who needs a (virtual) hug from Adam King right about now? #LateLateToyShow

The “thing”. How to terrify watching children trying to instil into them that they shouldn’t hug anybody especially their grandparents.

Remember that there were thousands of families who were refused permission to see their loved ones in care as they approached their final days. Remember that you couldn’t hug your grandparents or parents but you could give a virtual hug from an acceptable social distance or over a zoom call.

Then there was a Noah who was a huge U2 fan. U2 member The Edge gave him a guitar and spoke to him over a Zoom call. Noah was so excited yet Tubridy said to him

“You’ve got to sit down or else we’ll all die” @ 2.08 min

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The Late Late Show @RTELateLateShow
This might just be the happiest kid in Ireland tonight ⭐️⭐️ Rock on Noah 🎸🎼🎤 #LateLateToyShow @U2

But probably the most chilling clip of all was a 2 min 30 sec clip where a role play took place. All scripted of course. Tested for coronavirus, reporting symptoms, close contacts, virus, regurgitation station, pfizer 💉, quarantine etc

You can make up your mind whether you think the whole thing was scripted. I know where I stand. Here’s the exchange between Saoirse and Tubridy (video below)

Saorse: My brother has one fish called Nemo and one fish called Splash.

Tubridy: Very good. Do you like my rabbit ?

Saorse: Yeah.

Tubridy: Whats your rabbit called ?

Saorse: Fiddles

Tubridy: That’s a great name. What do you like about animals ? What do you want to do when you are older when you grow up.

Saorse: I want to be a vet.

Tubridy: Why?

Saorse: Because I like taking care of animals.

Tubridy: What a nice thing to do. And could you give us an example of what you’d be like if you were a vet in real life? Who’s this?

Saorse: This is Toby Tubridy and he is here in the vet centre today to be tested for coronavirus.

Tubridy: Okay. So Toby Tubridy is being tested. Was he been reporting any symptoms?

Saorse: No, no,

Tubridy: So he’s just a hypochondriac. Okay, so what are you gonna do with Toby Tubridy for the test?

Saorse: First we need to take a sample of his known contacts. So he told me he’s been in contact with three dogs in the last 14 days. So then that goes to the post office to be posted to the HSE.

Tubridy: Oh my, you children shouldn’t know this. Anyway, that’s right, you’re doing all the right things. Tony would be delighted with you. What happens next ?

Saorse: Now he gets medicine to help him with Coronavirus.

Tubridy: Oh great. So did he actually have the virus?

Saorse: I think so. Here is the regurgitation station.

Tubridy: What’s that ?

Saorse: He needs to vomit after the medicine. Okay, now we need to get him a Pfizer vaccine.

Tubridy: You don’t waste time do you Saoirse, you’re ahead of the game

Saorse: So he’s not participating so we’re going to have to knock them out.

Tubridy: Okay, poor old Tony is having a rough day at the clinic.

Saorse: Okay, let’s check if he’s still with us. Yep, he’s still with us.

Tubridy: Okay, so this is great. This is a story of survival. So what happens next?

Saorse: He gets the Pfizer vaccine, right. Okay. Now, he has to stay in this pod for the next 87 days.

Tubridy: That’s a serious quarantine

Saorse: Because there is a backlog with the HSE.

Tubridy: Oh, I see. Okay. They love that. Yeah. Okay. So you’re gonna leave me in there for 87 days.

Saorse: According to the Department of Education schools are safe.

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The Late Late Show @RTELateLateShow
Meet our future Supervet and Toby Tubridy! 🐶 #LateLateToyShow

So you see what happened there. The whole thing was a set up from the get go. Chatting about animals then Saorse says she wants to be a vet. Many watching girls and boys want to be vets when they are young as they want to take care of animals. Now that the scene had been set it was time to continue with the scripted role play and talk about testing, symptoms, covid, virus, quarantine and vaccines. In total all were mentioned 12 times within the two minute clip.

Even in the clip you can see Saorse trying to remember some of the script with Tubridy interjecting at opportune moments.

What was truly astounding was the amount of people who thought the show was the best ever. What was particularly concerning was the reaction of the hoodwinked public. The majority thought it was brilliant. They just didn’t realise they had been deceived and the kids were being used. You can see what people had to say by reading the comments under each clip. They had been deeply programmed by the previous 6 months propaganda.

However a few people saw through the whole charade as this excellent letter shows that was sent in to RTE. It is brilliantly written.

But it didn’t just end that night. This was a continual soap opera with a new episode every week. Within weeks of The Late Late Toy Show the vaccine was promoted by Professor Luke O Neill, also a World Economic Forum member.

The same O Neill who would turn up to the opening of an envelope. Everyone knew his face as he had been a constant on radio and TV for the previous 6 months. The heavily pharma conflicted Professor was the perfect salesman to use to sell it to the public.

The relentless vaccine cheerleading didn’t stop there. Just after Christmas in early 2021 the Late Late even had a “Live Syringe Session” where people got the vaccine live on TV. Tubridy and RTE had veered very far from being a light entertainment programme & had now entered a whole new ghoulish realm.

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The Late Late Show @RTELateLateShow
Natalie Conroy, Intensive Care Nurse in @Beaumont_Dublin describes life on the frontline while she is vaccinated live on air. #LateLate

And just in case you were in any way confused as to who has been pulling the strings you just have to look no further than a performance on The Late Late Show in February 2021. Freemasonic symbols, lit up pyramids and dancing policemen and firemen. Yes, nothing to see here at all !!

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The Late Late Show @RTELateLateShow
We needed this! 😍 After the week that saw @gardainfo dancing across the nation as part of the #JerusalemaChallenge, tonight some of Ireland’s frontline heroes took on the challenge and we are here for it! 🕺🙌

And to show how successful the vaccine programme was and to further increase uptake 6 pensioners who had cocooned at home for 14 months & got the vaccine were invited onto the show. The carrot was if you get the vaccine, you will get all your freedoms back. Freedoms that were initially taken away without your permission.

How did that turn out in the end ? It’s almost as if they knew even then that vaccine passports were going to be introduced further down the line. That never happened though, or did it…

These presenters, national broadcasters and politicians should never be allowed to forget what took place over the last two years and in particular that night two years ago when the show should have solely been about the children. They don’t deserve any amnesty especially when children were used so horrifically. Evil was and is truly at play.