AP reporter fired for Poland missile story. NATO mission creep. 2 million migrants to EU. U/1

Alex has lots of questions about Associated Press firing just ONE of the Two reporters who submitted the report saying Russia had sent a missile into Poland, a report which could have started WWlll.

Why only one, if there were two? Why not the editor, who should surely know the rules if the reporters do not?It is beginning to make it look more like a FF. Then the AP retraction still manages to make it look like Russia was responsible.

Alex now launches into his thoughts about what may be happening. It could be that the media has been told to tear Z down, while at the same time Z is being told to continue with his  ‘it was Russia” rhetoric. They need to somehow undermine and discredit the heroic image which they have spent months creating in the minds of the public if they are to extract themselves from this mess, so chop Z down bit by bit. Make him look like a dangerous person by his own comments. Do they want regime change in Kiev?

Nato still talking about negotiated peace settlement favourable to Nato and Ukraine. Nato has to be the victor in order for business as usual, expansion. So this means more weapons for Ukraine ” for as long as it takes”. Stoltenberg reading his script.

Russian TV reporting that 10 divisions of NATO troops are already fighting as mercenaries in Donbass. NATO soldiers using the weapons NATO sends?  Mission creep.

WHO, CEO’s of Ukrainian energy companies advising Ukrainians to leave for the winter months; where will they go? Europe. Millions – the estimates vary. EU does not seem to have any plans whatsoever for this influx.

NATO and EU Parliaments ( symbolic only – unelected ) in lockstep in declaring Russia a state sponsor to terror. This is theatre, but gives them cover.

Germany sending Poland air defence to protect itself from – Ukraine!





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  1. Tapestry says:

    Maybe Zelensky knows the plan is WW3 but jumped the gun. It would be more effective to get WW3 off the starting line in another theatre – Iran possibly. The Zelensky regime can see an outbreak of cold feet from Sunak and wants the West to get a move on. They try firing a missile the wrong way.