Another Amazing Interview: Col Macgregor speaking to a Polish audience re Ukrainian conflict

Col Macgregor interviewed by Polish podcaster – Prawicowy podcast – votum.FM

12:00 Historical context begins; reply to question about intentions of Nato in 1999 reveals honest belief of the Germans that Nato membership would be beneficial to Poland; dishonestly the US had even then the intention of “pressing forward with a democratic revolution that eventually is going to reach Moscow.” When Col Macgreror was told this, his reply was, “What sort of hallucinogenics are you taking? What about the people who live in these countries?” The reply was, “Oh, the people don’t matter, they are going to be happy living in this utopian democracy of perfect diversity.” ” It was completely irrational and that was the American perspective.”

At this point, the connection breaks up – too much truth coming from Col Macgregor?

Dramatic divergence of opinion between what Europeans thought about Nato and what the Americans thought, and the Polish audience to whom they are speaking need to understand that.

” The things I hear from the Germans are frightening. I think we will see some sort of rapprochement between Moscow and Berlin. Many Germans upset with Polish government continuing to beat the drums for war. They don’t understand why.”

“Poles  have fallen into a trap, and they need to get out of it. They need to establish what is in Poland’s interest.”

American Four Star Generals are picked to be willing to say or do whatever the politicians want.

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