“A Week is a Long Time in British Politics!” PM Harold Wilson

It looks as if Somebody (!) has been listening in to Truss’ phone conversations, and its not been denied, so clearly there is truth to this story, and it’s enormous. The Wallace dash to Washington related; about a collapse of security in the UK; Americans will be furious.

Sunak – Things have been going his way; he has managed to put together a government, reinstated the fired Home Secretary, wiped the floor with Keir Starmer in PM’Q, there’s a sense the situation is calmer altogether, conservatives are recovering.

Back to Truss hack: probably half the world have been listening in to what has been going on in the British political class.. MSM not mentioning it.

(Putin does not use a mobile phone ).




4 Responses to ““A Week is a Long Time in British Politics!” PM Harold Wilson”

  1. ian says:

    A couple of schoolboys having a giggle at a silly teacher. Oh I know that they’re both smart, but to an irreverent twat like me, it’s how it looks. I can think of nothing humorous about the situation.

  2. Mick says:

    I wondered the other day after news of the Truss phone call broke, did the US want rid of BoJo because he refused as PM to destroy the pipeline? Truss said she’d use nukes so Nordstream would be no problem…until she carelessly gave away her and America’s role in this act of international state terrorism. And perhaps after the calls for her to go came and BoJo said he was interested in making a comeback, did they advise him if he left shortly before the attack and came back shortly after it, people might put two and two together and figure who did it, so he should withdraw from the race? Then the dizzy blonde gave it all away anyway?

  3. Tapestry says:

    King Charles likes a yes-Prime Minister which Boris will never be. It is the monarch who asks a Member of the HoC to lead a government, remember? Boris has ideas and proposals which are not to one’s liking. Truss just says yes, a lifetime of sucking up to power. Sunak has little political experience of either the sucking up (Truss) or the blowing out (Boris) variety. He has vast wealth as does Hunt. These are oligarchs with little emotion and simply a willingness to oppress. That’s just down Charles’ street, you would think. The more victims the better.