A survival guide for the vvv injured


Intro  by Steve Cook

The following is excerpted from the website, UK CV Family, a very helpful site for you if you are, or are trying to help,  one of the tens of thousands injured by the vaxadoodles.

Along with many others of its kind, plus all manner of groups that have sprung up with tens of thousands of members representing those injured or bereaved by the C***d vaxadoodlebugs, it comprises a startling insight into just how detrimental to health and survival are the Covodadoodle hoax and its attendant biochemical attack disguised as a veee rollout.

No truly safe and effective vvvv would have spawned so many groups comprising such numbers, all seeking help or justice or recognition from government and its puppet masters in increasingly desperate denial.


An adverse reaction to a C****d v**********n can be a deeply distressing experience. It will leave you mystified as you attempt to deal with a bewildering range of physical, cognitive, and psychological symptoms  that few seem able to explain, diagnose, treat, or even acknowledge.

This useful Guide “takes you through the experience in a way that will help you feel more in control of your life again. This book addresses key areas of recovery and will guide you through measures you can take to maximise your own healing potential. It clearly explains the different nutrition plans that you may have heard about, and includes ways of keeping track of symptoms so that you can tackle them without feeling overwhelmed. It outlines the practitioners who may be able to assist you in your efforts to recover, and even includes ways of coping with life in a society that seems to not recognise that you exist.

With recipes, worksheets, symptom charts, appointment records, and blank diary pages, this encouraging and interactive book provides a multitude of ways for you to organise your research as well as your feelings about a new health condition, while you develop your own unique and evolving recovery plan. “

If you’re dealing with a range of complicated and confusing health problems following a C***d v***********n, then this survival guide is for you. “

[I]t is also essential reading for anyone providing personal or professional support to someone who is dealing with an adverse reaction.

Caroline Pover is an award-winning author, speaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She was diagnosed with an adverse reaction to the Covid vaccine she received on March 3rd, 2021. In the months that followed, Caroline became a voice for the vaccine-injured community as she regularly shared updates of her healing journey on social media. Known for her efforts to maintain compassion and empathy for all parties involved in the Covid vaccine debate, Caroline’s survival guide is for those who want to take their healing — in all its forms — into their own hands. Caroline released this guide exactly one year after receiving the vaccine. She is still learning to live with its impact.

To visit or find out more about Caroline, please visit her site at: www.carolinepover.com

A survival guide for the vvv injured