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A Remarkable Conversation with Brian Berletic and Andrei Martyanov

How to learn an enormous amount in a short time; both are so experienced and informed, but Brian really does have a grasp of the international scope and the role of the US, and is delivery is so clear and to the point. He ends answering questions about Thailand, and explains how small countries have to play a game, because outright defiance of the Hegemon is disastrous.





2 Responses to “A Remarkable Conversation with Brian Berletic and Andrei Martyanov”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Can Joe Biden really be in charge of the US ?

    He seems to have lost the plot.

    Latest gaffe.

    Biden just said, “putin is pulling out troops from Fallujah” instead of Kherson


  2. ian says:

    Sleepy Joe.