A New Idea to Contemplate: Could Common Medications Contain Graphene? Paracetamol for Example?


VIDEO DESCRIPTION: This medication is an analgesic (relieves pain) and an antipyretic (reduces fever). But a single drop under the light microscope details clear, defined GRAPHENE OXIDE IMAGES in various marketing patterns. [LQC]

[source] https://odysee.com/@laquintacolumna:8/AN%C3%81LISIS-PARACETAMOL-B.-BRAUN:0




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One Response to “A New Idea to Contemplate: Could Common Medications Contain Graphene? Paracetamol for Example?”

  1. ian says:

    Does it, does it though? Perhaps everything we eat has it in, and what effect does it have taken orally. We don’t know who to trust. Do the vaccines shed? not sure. Imagine I was the owner of the fifth column site, La Quinta Columna. Incidentally, the site is named after a group who infiltrates a group from within, but for the sake of this, lets say they were legit’. A guy says, hand the site over to me for £5,000,000, and sign this so you can be bankrupted or worse if you blab. Ok a bit extreme but very possible.

    My point here is that we’re basically trying to second guess their every move.

    Then another slightly off topic point. People are asking, well some are asking or wanting an uprising to overthrow whatever governments etc. Firstly successful uprisings a generally sponsored and aided by a foreign country. That won’t happen. Secondly if for example, massive unrest unfolded in the “unarmed”, UK population, it would be put down by the British army or UN forces. It’s not these folks first dance either. They were behind the Bolsheviks, who Solzhenitsyn claimed killed 60,000,000 + Christian Russians, and many regime changes and wars since, including the latest Ukraine fiasco. Non compliance, and underground groups, would likely be your only option.