Alex Christoforou – CIA in Ankara, Winter Weather Pause Being Pushed by Western Media, False Stories about Lavrov being created

Head of CIA does not travel to Ankara just to discuss prisoner exchange.

US has been peddling the story that the winter weather will bring a pause because the Russians can’t manage the weather; in reality the US wants time to build up Ukrainian troops again, which will be largely mercenaries who are being trained in other countries.

Z is just a two bit actor; obvious now that the US is pulling the strings; US now confident since election victory and is looking for a favourable narrative to peddle re Ukraine and Biden; Biden the miracle worker. A story to see to the American people.

Reuters cooked up a story about Lavrov being taken from the G20 to hospital since the collective west did not want to be in a photo with him; there was no usual group photo. Very much wanted to spoil the experience for Lavrov, did not want photos to emerge of leaders of other countries lining up to be photographed with him, the Rock Star of Diplomats, as has regularly happened in the past.

WaPo reporting Russian troop cruelties to animals – Kherson Zoo – Animals being taken to Crimean Zoo; Russian troops rampaging Ukraine stealing washing machines for computer chips for their aircraft etc.

Very sinister propaganda being put out by the WaPo to the American audience to dehumanise the Russian people to justify everything we they have done or are about to do.

In retrospect, this report from Alex is about western propaganda from start to finish. And Alex does not hide how evil it is.

What few comment on is that it is legal for the US government to lie; they passed laws making it so. The media is an extension of the government.

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