3 Responses to “2022.11.09 They Did It Again Gonzalo Lira”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    Yes they did Gonzalo

    A bit of detail here:


    • pete fairhurst says:

      More here:


      “The main question out of this election is about the legitimacy. Should we believe that the brain damaged hobo was the people’s choice in Pennsylvania? This is a good bellwether for this election, because John Fetterman is as close as we have come to putting a horse in a Senate. His opponent is ridiculous by normal standards, but in comparison to Fetterman he is Cicero. We are now required to pretend that a brain damaged hobo won the Pennsylvania Senate race.

      The reason this particularly race is key to the legitimacy question is that there is no answer that supports the democratic system. If everything was above board and the people did vote for a brain damaged hobo, then this is proof that the public should never be trusted with such decisions. The openness to voting for a brain damaged hobo should be a disqualification to voting. On the other hand, if the vote is rigged again, then there is no reason for people to bother voting.

      Of course, you can shift the question further up stream. What kind of political system produces a brain damaged hobo and a Turkish carny as the two options? Before you even get to the question of election integrity, you have to see that the system has problems far deeper than vote rigging. This turns up all over the ballot. In Georgia, the choice for Senate was between a brain damaged former football player and guy who used to hustle old black ladies for donations.

      In Massachusetts, they are celebrating the first openly lesbian governor. Before Maura Healy was famously gay, she was famously stupid. Given the centrality of Massachusetts in the American empire, it is a good representation for how our democracy actually works. Politics in that state have been dominated by drunkards, perverts and degenerates for generations. The system they have imposed on the country selects for increasingly ridiculous candidates”

  2. Tapestry says:

    The rigging of elections was trialled in the Philippines using the Smartmatic machines. They successfully rigged three Presidential elections there before the system was brought to the US to do similar. My wife had the job of entering the returns from her local city in the Philippines. If the totals were higher for a particular one of the candidates, the machine refused the entry. My wife was told to re-enter the totals but the other way around. The machine accepted the totals and thus was Gloria Macapagal Aroyo elected President. She secretly signed away the natural resources of the Philippines to corporations from the West and from China. It would be easy for the counting centers to communicate their totals to local journalists by text so Smartmatic cheating would be exposed. But no communication other than through the counting system is permitted.