Winston Churchill: Enemy of Western Civilization

A Correspondent – Introduction Oct 20, 2022

It looks like Johnson is about to be wheeled back onstage just as the war in Ukraine is about to become very big.

Is the Churchill script being run again?

As a teenager, a student, in the late 1960’s I did a summer job in a Furniture manufacturer in Battersea and was shocked at the pure  loathing the brothers who owned the firm had for Churchill … the great war hero whose state funeral was only 4 or 5 years earlier.

I said, “I thought he was a National hero.”

” Not round here, he wasn’t. Maybe in Chelsea (which was ‘posh’ at the time)… but if he showed his face in Battersea”, said the eldest brother, “We’d all be out there throwing bricks at the ****.”

You live and learn.

Or maybe we don’t?

Winston Churchill: 

Enemy of Western Civilization

Michael Hoffman – Revisionist Review Blogspot Oct 20, 2022

With deliberate forensic steps, revisionist scholar Michael Hoffman uncovers the monstrous crimes and moral rot of racist mass murderer Winston Churchill, Conservatism’s revered icon.

This is a devastating and carefully documented deflation of the bloated cult of Churchill idolatry.

This broadcast is excerpted from Michael Hoffman’s study, published in the hard copy journal, Revisionist History®, issue number 122, October 2022



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3 Responses to “Winston Churchill: Enemy of Western Civilization”

  1. ian says:

    As Pete Fairhurst said recently, amongst all his other crimes, the Gallipoli campaign should have seen him hanged.

  2. ian says:

    He once said. “There is no more comfortable feeling, than being half way down your first bottle of brandy of the day”.

  3. newensign says:

    Its good Weaver, people are being made aware of the true nature of Churchill as a traitor rather than a hero! This seems the case all through history and the real heroes who stood up for the country branded as traitors. The name James Joyce comes to mind a patriot for warning of the great damage being planned by the bankers to make us go to war with our Saxon kinsmen in Germany. Both Buckingham Palace and Downing street are named after traitors to England!