When doctors change their position on vaccines, how do we respond? – Dr Tess Laurie

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On controlled opposition, compassion and staying afloat in a choppy sea


I want to talk about Dr Aseem Malhotra. After the press conference on 27 September, there were concerns from some circles that World Council for Health was associating itself with Dr Malhotra. While some regard him as ‘controlled opposition’, others object to his lack of questioning vaccines in general, given Covid-19 “vaccine” and pharmaceutical industry corruption revelations.

We are living through interesting times. As the institutions entrusted with public service and care, reveal themselves to have betrayed our trust, as vaccine harms become ever harder to shove under the carpet, and as governments become ever more incompetent and unaccountable, we find ourselves apparently cast adrift on a turbulent sea, understandably wondering who is our enemy and who is our friend.

What helps me stay centred and free from fear, is the 7 Principles of A Better Way.They came out of the collective wisdom shared in May’s Better Way Conference, and they are a lodestar in these times of extreme pressure.

One of the Principles is:

We value different perspectives.

We celebrate respectful discussion as the means to ever more refined knowledge, compassion and wisdom.

It is in the spirit of this noble principle that we hosted Dr Malhotra’s press conference. Not all of us agree with his view that traditional vaccines are safe and effective. But we do agree that the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out should be halted immediately, and this is something that World Council for Health has been calling for almost since its inception. Dr Malhotra’s press conference has been viewed well over 100,000 times. Many wrote to us to say that they would be sharing it with their loved ones as it was just the thing that would reach them and get them thinking.

My hope is that his courageous efforts will, in particular, reach doctors and other medical professionals – those who are questioning the ‘safe and effective’ narrative but are afraid to speak up. They are certainly under the cosh: on Friday, California’s Governor Gavin Newsome signed a bill that means any doctor can lose their licence for sharing ‘misinformation’ or ‘disinformation’ about Covid-19. In Queensland, Australia, a similar bill is being presented to Parliament next week that goes even further, prohibiting doctors from giving any advice or opinion that goes against public health edict. Governments are going out of their way to shut doctors up, and while that may be terrifying for doctors – and their patients – it is also an indication of the power doctors hold. Governments know that if enough doctors speak up, the ‘safe and effective’ narrative will quickly crumble.

How we treat Dr Malhotra may be a deciding factor as to whether other doctors follow suit to stand up for medical ethics and their patients. Will we welcome them with gratitude and compassion, or shun them for not having spoken up sooner? This is a personal question for each of us, and one that we will all have to reckon with at some point. Is it for us to judge and does it serve the highest good of all to do so?

There are those who benefit from us dividing ourselves and each other into the binary camps of friend or foe. Of debating whether this or that person is controlled opposition, or bona fide. In this endless speculation we exhaust our precious life force, and find ourselves lacking the energy to create a better way.

If we can just relax and remember ourselves and why we are here, we can reclaim the broader view: that humanity is inherently fallible and yet capable of the most extraordinary acts of redemption. That we are all beings of light, but that we each have our own darkness as well. And, that we are all redeemed in the light of compassion for ourselves and each other.

This Saturday 15th October, we are holding a UK Doctors Conference in London.Our wish is for every doctor and health professional to feel they are welcome. It will be a safe and private space for people to ask questions, learn more about what’s really going on, and speak freely with each other. Please watch NHS Consultant Dr Julia Wilkens’ invitation (click on the image to view) – she could not have put the value of being there any better:


Please share this event widely: there is still space and we want as many people as possible to come together and realise that they are not a sole dissenter but one of many ready to question, to inquire, and understand.

‘Winning Doctors Back One at a Time’ Hearts of Oak podcast

I recently returned to the highly informative Heart of Oak podcast to speak about doctors, health, and of course the doctors conference. I really enjoyed our conversation – if you’d like to tune in, you’ll find it on the Hearts of Oak home page here.


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4 Responses to “When doctors change their position on vaccines, how do we respond? – Dr Tess Laurie”

  1. Occams says:

    By hanging them after their trial

  2. RKae says:

    No, sorry. If they still believe the B.S. legend that vaccines “have saved millions of lives,” then I want nothing to do with them.

    It’s not enough to just think C-19 vaxxes are dangerous. This mess happened because they believed the medical industry nonsense that we can poison our way to health, and we’ll just have to deal with their stupidity again when there’s another “pandemic” and a “normal” vax. Those doctors will fully agree to mandates, etc.

    The hell with them.

    They are not our allies.

    Imprison them. They maimed and murdered.

    • ian says:

      They certainly are not our allies, not our friends, and are in fact our would be executioners. Most of them I feel are brainwashed.