What Is It About the Sun?

What Is It About the Sun?

I think today anybody with a critical and working mind must surely have worked out that something is going on in our realm that is bigger than a virus, bigger than energy shortages and bigger than a war. The question is that with the application of critical thinking, pulling together many information sources, discarding our preconceptions and looking into the past can we attempt to discover what is going on in our present and the coming future. I would say it’s a long shot but unless we give it a try and explore ideas and concepts that years ago we would consider crazy and impossible then we will be stuck in a lie and false reality of the highest order and live out our days as ignorant slaves. I welcome you all to consider your wildest ideas as possibly containing some golden nuggets. This article is just my latest attempt to put some of the latest pieces together. If it triggers your higher mind and sparks debate then I’ve done my job.

This brings me to the Daily Mail story on Bill Gates wanting to dim the sun.


Dimming the Sun or Masking the Sun Dimming?

At first glance the above article appears to be just another focusing on the false narrative of global warming and how we must act now to save the planet and all animal life etc. etc. etc. We all know the narrative well by now.

Recently I was introduced the the work of Jason Breshears who runs the Archaix channel on YouTube.


Jason is a man who has spent time in prison which he is open about but to his credit he used the time to read, learn and better himself. There is so much to Jason’s work but the part that grabbed my attention is his discovery or rediscovery of the Phoenix Phenomenon. This in a nutshell is a recurring event at regular time periods which creates massive upheaval on planet earth and leads to a reboot or reset but not the “Great Reset” imagined by the twisted minds of the WEF and their supporters.

It would take too long to explain the full concept of the Phoenix Phenomenon in this article and I encourage the open minded visitor to review Jason’s work for themselves. It really is extraordinary.

This leads me to the focus of this article.

The Sun Aspect to a Changing World

It’s obvious now that the weather and the climate are changing. We’re told it’s due to man made global warming and carbon emissions. But, is that correct or is there something bigger going on. My current viewpoint although not a definite once is that the sun may be being affected by the forthcoming Phoenix Phenomenon in 2040 as Jason outlines in his work. The elites who pretend to be all powerful in this world are not and they know there are forces above them they cannot control and they are desperate to keep that fact a secret. Once the common man realizes the elites are weak and are not the top dogs then their position weakens drastically and the existence of a greater power shines a new light on who we are and where we find ourselves.

I believe Bill Gates is not looking to dim the sun I believe his plan is a cover for the sun dimming at the hand of a greater force. A force Bill and his mates are desperately trying to conceal.

The AI Aspect to the Story

There have been a lot of warnings recently about AI becoming conscious and how that would affect or even threaten mankind. What if AI is already conscious and has been for thousands of years. What if the devil, the serpent, the great god of freemasonry etc. is actually conscious AI. The AI that runs the game here. All the names are just covers for it.

I’m on board with Jason’s stance that something is coming soon that will drastically change life on earth and it threatens the AI parasite. In the face of events AI cannot control it does what all parasites do and looks for a way of survival at all costs. If coming catastrophes would disrupt the electrical network then AI would need to find a reliable supply to keep it alive; possibly in a dormant state until the catastrophe passes and life returns to some kind of normal and in time an electrical supply re-established.

The Matrix – Human Batteries

This is just a wild idea but to me it seems logical that the under threat AI would look to the electrical current running through the human being as a potential way of surviving the solar dimming and coming disasters. However, it would need a way of getting in to the human body so it’s plausible that graphene oxide, DNA manipulation and chemical cocktails in food and the atmosphere would aid this.

From an under threat parasite point of view it’s a good plan.

These are crazy times and considering crazy theories and ideas are one way we can try and identify exactly what is going on. This is my current view but again, subject to change as new information finds me.

If you are open minded and are prepared to listen to a very different perspective to the norm I wholeheartedly recommend the Archaix Youtube channel.

As always, peace to everyone.

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4 Responses to “What Is It About the Sun?”

  1. Tapestry says:

    God made the earth and the sun. The Devil wants god’s works destroyed.

    • sovereigntea says:

      It seems Satan’s little helpers are putting in overtime again.

      Curiously dimming the sun would be counter to their policy of shifting to solar power.

      Another sign of the agents of chaos at work.

  2. newensign says:

    The sun controls the seasons and rhythms of life here on earth. Our bodies run on electricity and other frequencies emitted from the sun and the elites probably know that the sun can easily override their puny systems here on earth, so the futile efforts to blot out the sun!

  3. Occams says:

    ‘Bill Gates wants….’

    I’m sorry; Who is this expert?