Virus And Vaccine Conspiracies Exposed In Powerful Video

This MUST Go Viral To Help Save The Human Race!! You May Know More Than Your Average Doctor About Vaccines And Viruses If You Watch This Video!!


IITM:  Let me explain… this video starts off talking about the connection with 5G and 60 Ghz and the connect to oxygen… and that in itself, makes it astounding but then it really gets going… into the virus and vaccine conspiracies.

You may be interested to note that the doctor who exposes the virus and vaccine conspiracies also shared information about AIDS which is the same revelations found in the Phoenix Journals, the modern bibles of our times.

Not only that but after people have viewed this video, they will have the basic knowledge given to them in easy-to-understand terms, that will expose the frauds once and for all.

It is very clear considering how the medical industry operates these days, that this information is not reaching your average doctor… and we know doctors are now a leading cause of death and this is a statistical FACT.