Vanessa Beeley speaking with Matt Ehret – Russia, Ukraine and the ‘New’ New World Order

6 Oct 2022

In this Canadian Patriot Review interview with award winning Syrian based journalist Vanessa Beeley who just arrived in Damascus after serving as an observer during the recent Donbass elections, you will learn how to cut through the lies of western corporate media propaganda and much more.

Going through her personal on-the-ground experience and larger insights, Vanessa will help you understand the truth of the recent Donbass elections for east Ukraine to rejoin Russia, why these elections were entirely legitimate, how Ukrainian Nazis are being used as western proxies for geopolitical ends and how this relates to the coming economic meltdown.

You will also learn about the infamous kill lists targetting western journalists and influencers challenging the mainstream narrative, the role of Elon Musk within the bigger picture and how all of this fits into the British-controlled White Helmets and the efforts to send Syria back to the stone age.…

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