USA DOD testing biological warfare agents on innocent USA citizens

USA Government Agent Testing: Biological, Chemical Agents Making Thousands Sick!

Karma Newberry is the founder and CEO of Discovery Hydrovac, which serves the oil and gas industry. She’s become a successful businesswoman in a male-dominated field despite years of severe health problems that she’s suffered from for decades.

At her peak, Karma was on more than 25 medications. She had to spend more than $700,000 on medical costs, less than 5 percent of which was covered by insurance. After years of searching and consulting with more than 15 doctors, Karma says a physician finally checked her for tick-borne illnesses like Lyme disease. And the results shocked her: Karma had a bunch of them, including diseases that aren’t even present in the U.S. So how would she have them? That’s where it gets even weirder. Karma grew up in the small town of Grantsville, Utah, very close to the Dugway Proving Grounds, where the U.S. military spent decades testing all kinds of weapons, including chemical and biological agents.

Karma Newberry believes that her medical difficulties, and those suffered by her mother, her children, and thousands of other Americans around the country, are the byproduct of direct actions by the United States government. And what the U.S. government has done once, they could very well do again. Or, dare we ask, could they be doing it right now?

To raise awareness for this and assist other people with similar medical issues, Karma has founded two groups, Lyme Justice and The Front Lyme.

Karma Newberry joined the show to discuss.

NOTE: This all connects back to what all Molecular Biologist Whistleblowers have said about Lyme Disease.
It was weaponized and released on the public.
Former NIH Employee, Dr Judy Mikovits PhD – Molecular Biologist –
Former Pfizer Employee, Dr Becky McClain PhD – Molecular Biologist –

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