US nuclear attack plans exposed!

Russia is warning of a dirty bomb being faked inside Ukraine and is asking the international community to investigate.

And are they? No.

Crickets on that front.

Instead the West is sending troops closer and closer into active combat.


TAP.  What is the real reason things are going as they are?  Why is Russia taking so long to deploy her immense and powerful army,  keeping to the tiny force despatched to Donbass in February, which has taken on and defeated the Ukrainians over and over again, along with the Republic’s militias.   Until a month ago.

As if a switch had been flicked, the Russians began ceding territory and fighting a war of attrition killing as many enemy as possible while retreating, exposing civilians to Ukrainian reprisals.  At the same time knocking out Ukraine’s electricity supply with drones and missiles, attacking infrastructure targets.

NATO edges closer and closer.  Is that the Russian plan?  To act like a defeated army when not long ago, they are actually winning?  Is that in order to draw in a NATO attack?  If it’s gotta come, could be the thinking, then let’s have it now, while Ukraine and NATO’s stock of weapons is heavily depleted, and while Western leadership is totally deluded about its chances of defeating Russia?  If they make a peace treaty now, and it all starts again in three years time, the stocks of weapons will be replenished.

Of course NATO couldn’t do anything big like attack without its usual kids play false flag stuff to give its media the showtime it loves to put on.  Then as the West starts to take major casualties in Ukraine, all politicians will start hiding in their bunkers, that is until the bankers call the party over.

By which time Putin could be as far west as Serbia, and getting ready for a swim in the Mediterranean.  Nothing makes much sense right now.  So who knows which leadership will prove to be the bigger jerks as events unfold?


2 Responses to “US nuclear attack plans exposed!”

  1. danceaway says:

    The amount covered in this programme of Redacted is exceptional. Valuable information the whole world needs and deserves to hear.

  2. pete fairhurst says:

    “Nothing makes much sense right now”

    No it doesn’t Tap, everything is up in the air right now and all the old certainties are out of the window. It’s deliberately planned chaos to destabilise western society [courtesy WEF?]. And it is clearly working too, most folk can’t tell their arse from their elbow right now

    “So who knows which leadership will prove to be the bigger jerks as events unfold?”

    My money is on the west’s leadership to lead us further down the path to madness. They seem to be the primary lunatics in all this

    Say what you will about the east’s leadership, it may well have a nefarious agenda, but it seems to know what it’s doing. There is no doubt who the primary dumb puppets are. All you have to do is look at them to see how catastrophic the deliberate undermining of the west’s political system has been. Democracy has been eliminated across the west and a motley crew of woodentops installed in it’s place:

    Biden, Trudeau, Sunak, Macron, the German guy, the Aussie totalitarians, the New Zealand horse face, the Italian bird, that madwoman in charge of the EU, and on and on and on

    Where are the real politicians? The folk who served for decades before gaining enough experience to take charge?

    Sunak is classic, a suave, rootless, super rich, international chancer. Grandparents born India, parents born East Africa, born UK. Permanent US residency status and tax domicile. Main home in California. Wife domiciled in India [to avoid UK tax]. In Parliament only 5! years before appointed Chancellor, 2 years later he’s PM. How can this WEF puppet be said to be English? He clearly has no loyalty to this country whatsoever

    It’s so depressing but hardly anyone seems to even notice, never mind care