Ursula Haverbeck Ordered Back to Prison – and her Rebuttal to this Order


Monika Schaefer – Free Speech Monika Oct 13, 2022

Ursula Haverbeck, born on November 8, 1928, has been told she must turn herself in to the prison within two weeks of having received the order, to serve her one-year sentence. This would mean presenting herself at the gate by October 25, 2022. The nearly 94-year-old German woman is guilty of none other than asking inconvenient questions about “the Holocaust” and where those alleged murders took place. After years of asking questions and never receiving answers, she drew “politically incorrect” conclusions.

With the help of an online translator and a few of my own corrections to it, this is my best effort to present an English version of her letter which she submitted to the court authorities. Frau Haverbeck’s original letter in German follows the English version. If bilingual readers find errors in interpretation, please put those in the comments.

It is simply astonishing with what hutzpah the so-called “justice” system in Germany operates, in order to keep the official narrative going. Someone – I wonder (((who))) – must be really afraid to let the truth emerge about what really happened in Germany during that chapter in history commonly referred to as World War Two.

For previous articles about Ursula Haverbeck on my website: please see this and this, both articles from December 2020 and this one from November of 2020 just after she was released from her 2&1/2 years in prison.

Here is the letter from Ursula Haverbeck:


District Court Tiergarten
10548 Berlin
Business reference (251b Ds) 231 Js 1640/16 (54/16)
Objection to your communication of 07.09.2022
Notification to the Regional Court of Berlin

October 11, 2022

Dear Sir or Madam,

The judgment of the District Court Tiergarten of December 4, 2020 cannot be final, as the trial took place without charge. As a defendant, I had no idea what the trial was about. I was released from prison 12 days before the trial, had to find my way around my house, where there was water damage, and only at 4 p.m. the day before the 1st day of the trial (November 17, 2020, 10 a.m.) received the message that I had to attend in Berlin. I arrived in Berlin completely tired out and confused. I also do not have the Charges. That is why I could not prepare. On the 2nd day of the trial, the judge told me that I did not have to appear on the 3rd date on December 4, 2020, as only two witnesses were to be heard. On December 4, 2020, however, these witnesses were not heard (although present), but in fact a verdict was announced, without my presence and without the Last Word of the Accused. I still do not know the verdict of this case. Could you be so kind as to send me the indictment and verdict? Thank you!

Thus, the judgment of the Regional Court of April 1, 2022 is also invalid, because it states there and in your communication of September 7, 2022 quite clearly that the first judgment of the District Court Tiergarten of October 16, 2017 in conjunction with the second judgment of December 4, 2020 had been combined to a total penalty. Without the second trial at the Tiergarten District Court, the overall sentence would not have been possible. The sentence of six months would have remained or the appeal would have had to be upheld: i.e. no penalty.

How is it at all possible that a “judge at the district court” (cover page of the judgment of April 1, 2022) makes a judgment in the regional court – in a complicated and publicly known case?
With this multitude of procedural errors, why was my appeal simply rejected without any justification? Even legal laymen can see that something is wrong.

I request the termination of the proceedings and the annulment of the judgment of the Regional Court of April 1, 2022. I would also like to point out that I am no longer in a position to serve a prison sentence due to my health.

Awaiting an early reply and
with kind regards,
~Ursula Haverbeck



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4 Responses to “Ursula Haverbeck Ordered Back to Prison – and her Rebuttal to this Order”

  1. ian says:

    At what point is this likely to backfire. You could, or rather I could think that perhaps they protest too much. We get non stop Holocaust indoctrination, Holocaust museums full of shoes and hair. The claims of 6,000,000 dead since the year dot. It is taboo to question the official story. It goes on and on. But come on, is this not ridiculous. Jailing a 94 year old woman.

  2. Belyi says:

    I hadn’t thought about the holocaust until I saw people in Germany were receiving lengths prison sentences for expressing a point of view. That seemed to be disproportionate so I decided to do some research.

    Ths led me to people like Robert Faurisson and a US citizen whose name I don’t remember who was an expert on gas and explained that zyklon B would never be able to kill people and was used to fumigate clothes as lice were all over the place, and of course David Irving.

    Then there were videos showing the impossibility of ovens and chimneys which had been added after the war and people explaining that to kill 6 million people required quantities of fuel for the ‘ovens’ and where was this stored?

    One comment I read on another website was from a man whose grandfather was one of the first into one of the notorious camps and the only ovens he found were those used to make bread.

    I suppose the truth will come out one day and it may not be too long distant.

    • ian says:

      Hi Belyi was it Fred Leuchter you were thinking of?. He pulled it apart as did many others. The fact that the camps were there still convince most though. They don’t however know of the camps for Japanese in the US or Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadow death camps.

  3. newensign says:

    Most Germans are unaware that there is no lawful German government in Germany, only a proxy Government pretending to be German under orders from London via Washington DC! I had an interesting response to the article on “Germany Still in Judicial limbo” From Karl Jaeger:
    “Germany Still in Juridical Limbo”
    Sir__, regarding the article: In the article Mr. Ebel says:-

    “Right now, “Germany rests on the 2nd Reich” and on the constitution of the Weimar Republic created on August 11, 1919, Wolfgang Gerhard Günter Ebel told AFP. This is the only legal constitution for Germany, according to Ebel, until a peace treaty is signed.

    This is contradictory.

    The Second German Reich (Deutsches Kaiserreich) has a constitution, accepted by all the relevant state organs, the Bundesrath and the Reichstag. See Here.

    The “Weimar Republic” is a construct of criminal revolutionaries; it came into existence by the illegal overthrow of the Kaiser and his government and thus is illegitimate, a criminal organization.
    This is not my “opinion” … revolutions are NEVER legal; esp. when acted out by Jews. .
    All powerfully politicians of Weimar were Jews. PLUS:-

    The signatures for “Germany” of the infamous “Treaty of Versailles” were all Jews. The Jews were over represented in Germany in many important fields: banking, media, radio, films, lawyers, doctors, literature, art, politics.

    Weimar was a snake pit of immorality. Berlin was a faggot child molesting transgender swamp, and the Jews managed all of it.

    Most Germans hated the Jew swamp Berlin, the immorality, and the Weimar Republic.

    This brought the Hitler party to power –well, with the help of the Wall Street Jew banksters who financed Hitler’s party Because they knew:-
    without Hitler there would be NO world war II!

    I gained this knowledge from Eustace Mullins important work:

    The Rape of Justice
    American tribunals exposed
    published 1989. Click Here

    It is impossible to trust any American. That the Jew infested American government accepted Mr. Ebel, a Communist, in my eyes, as leader of the Jewish Weimar Republic … well, no wonder.

    Why wasn’t Mr. Ebel made public to the Germans in the nations television?

    Why did the Americans do not insist on a legal, legit government in Germany?

    Well, I know. Because they want all Germans dead. They use every means to destroy us. I hate it.

    The US. Government has a plan from the RAND corporation how to destroy Germany and Europe with the war / the Russian special military op in Ukraine, see:-
    Swedish newspaper reveals the US plan to kill Europe with the Ukraine war: HERE

    Europe and Germany are brought into a total mess and chaos by the “American” Jew lawyers, the politicians, the media, the banksters, … oh, and they are all ruled by Jews / Edomites / Synagogue of Satan and their slaves.

    I can not express my hate for this evil.

    Europe’s nations need to encourage Christian leaders, but there are none to see.

    Although there are millions of Germans walking in protest of the jew government in every single little town and the bigger cities —the Jew government in Germany uses the police and secret police and the courts and the media ….everything in their power to hide and suppress the truth.

    Watch millions of Germans walk in protest on the YouTube channel “Gedichte aus der Zukunft”.

    This channel shows short video clips of the many many different German cities where thousands and thousands Germans walk in protest. Add the numbers of the different cities
    and it will be millions —and additionally: the clips shown on the channel Only show the known protests, not All of the protests.

    But Germany lacks Christian leaders; and if there is one, he has no money to further his work. You know: money is necessary to do politics; also protection is necessary —but there is none.

    It is a hopeless situation in Europe, especially in Germany, although millions of Germans protest the Jew government without knowing it is a Jew government.

    Think about this: If you would tell the Germans almost all of them would defend the Jew, not their fellow Christian countrymen. This is how brainwashed and idiotic Germans became by the American mind control after 1945.

    The situation seems to be hopeless, but what do I know? Almighty God knows better than I.

    But I will never trust any American again. America is part of the “Babylonian whore”; its people are mostly cowards, – armed to the teeth but doing nothing to free themselves from the Washington swamp.

    Trump is a Trojan horse for the banksters. America is a cancer on humanity. But Americans are satisfied with worshipping Trump. So —here we go into the abyss.

    I do not believe any attorney or lawyer anymore; they simply can not be trusted because they all belong to the British / international Bar Association, a criminal organization. Yours truly. Klaus Jaege, without prejudice UCC 1-308
    Alle Rechte vorbehalten, Holy Bible Research. Elder of the Orthodox Church of the Celts
    Link to the book Mentioned