Ukrainian terrorist plot foiled in border region

12 Oct, 2022 09:01

The would-be attacker planned to cause a powerful explosion at a warehouse, according to the FSB

Russia’s FSB security agency has announced the arrest of a Ukrainian citizen, who was allegedly seeking to plant a powerful improvised explosive device inside a transport terminal in the city of Bryansk.

According to Wednesday’s report, the male in his mid-50s travelled to Russia from Ukraine via Estonia. Once in Russia, he recovered the components for an IED from a stash pre-prepared by the Ukrainian special services, the statement claimed.

He later allegedly assembled the bomb at a rented apartment, with an intelligence agent specializing in explosives giving instructions on how to build and test it. The device was adapted from an anti-tank missile warhead and had a yield equivalent to 3 kg of TNT, according to the description.

The FSB said the suspect observed the warehouses of a logistical company in Bryansk, where he wanted to plant the device, before being arrested by Russian law enforcement. Bryansk Region shares a border with Ukraine.

Russian law enforcement has released footage, purportedly showing the moment the suspect was apprehended. The video includes the unpacking of the alleged bomb.


The plotter “is remorseful for his actions and is cooperating with the investigation”, the Russian agency stated. It claimed the would-be attacker was sent by Ukraine’s SBU security service.

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2 Responses to “Ukrainian terrorist plot foiled in border region”

  1. Belyi says:

    I think I would be ‘remorseful’ and prepared to cooperate if I’d been picked up by the FSB!

    • ian says:

      Me too I think Belyi. Constipation certainly would not be a problem I suffered from.