Ukrainian Russocide possesses all the ‘toys’

⚡️ According to the available information, two organisations of Ukraine have been directly ordered to create the so-called ‘dirty bomb’.

The works are at their concluding stage. ◽️ Moreover, we have information about contacts between the Office of the President of Ukraine and representatives of the United Kingdom regarding the possible reception of technologies to create nuclear weapons. ◽️

With this purpose, Ukraine has got relevant production and scientific capacities.  (UK stands for Universal Killers)

There are enterprises of nuclear industry in Ukraine that possess stockpiles of radioactive substances that can be used for creating the ‘dirty bomb’. These concern three operating nuclear power plants: the Yuzhnoukrainsk, Khmelnitsky and Rovno nuclear power plants with nine storage pools for spent nuclear fuel that contain up to 1.5 thousand tonnes of uranium enriched with up to 1.5% of oxide. ◽️ Over 22,000 fuel assemblies (21,284 and 1,692 respectively) are stored at the inoperable Chernobyl nuclear power plant with radioactive waste repositories, as well as products that suppose using Uranium-235 and Plutonium-239 that constitute the backbone of a nuclear charge. ◽️

More than 50,000 m³ of radioactive waste that are also apt as the backbone for creating the ‘dirty bomb’ can be stored at the recently established enterprise ‘Vektor’ designed for radioactive waste reprocessing at the radioactive waste disposal sites ‘Buryakovka’, ‘Podlesny’, and ‘Rossokha’ at Pridneprovsky chemical plant. ◽️ Moreover, the Eastern Mining and Processing Plant extracts uranium ore at two of the three shafts with a capacity of up to 1,000 tonnes per year (the plant includes three shafts for extracting uranium ore, two of them – Ingulskaya and Smolinskaya – are operable, while one of them – Novokonstantinovskaya – is currently under construction). ◽️

It is also to be emphasised that Ukraine has at its disposal a scientific base: the Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology. Its scientists were involved in the nuclear programme of the USSR where various testing systems are still in operation, including Uragan thermonuclear systems. The second base is the Institute for Nuclear Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine located in Kiev. Its BBP-M reactor is used for research that supposes the employment of high-activity radioactive materials.

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NATO fires a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine. Commentary from Russell Bentley.