Ukraine Shells School, Church, Kindergarten & Cultural center in Russia & the Western Media Ignores It

22 Oct 2022  Patrick Lancaster  English subtitles

( The School Principal tells Patrick that because this village is so close to the Ukraine border, the children have been doing distance learning even since 24 February and will continue until the end of the conflict. Thus there were no children in these buildings when they were hit. He also tells Patrick that report teams will be sent out to repair the damage.)


There has historic meeting was taking place between the Russian and US defense ministers, Russia’s Sergei Shoigu and the United State’s Lloyd Austin, to discuss Ukraine.

At almost the same time as that meeting Ukraine launched a major attack on the center of a small border village in Russia, Murom Belgorod Region Russia, directly hitting a school, church, kindergarten and cultural center.

Of course this will never be shown in the western main stream media because they will only show what benefits Ukraine.

In this report I am on the ground at the site of the attacks showing you what the western mainstream media will not

Some many things are escalating the situation in Ukraine fast. Not least of which is Biden trying to widen the divide in the USA by bashing the republicans and on the war in Ukraine saying the republicans “said that if they win, they’re not likely to fund – to help – continue to fund Ukraine, the Ukrainian war against the Russians,” and “These guys(Republicans) don’t get it.

It’s a lot bigger than Ukraine – it’s Eastern Europe. It’s NATO. It’s real, serious, serious consequential outcomes. They have no sense of American foreign policy.”

Among other things, the USA Secretary of State Antony Blinken Says Iran May Be Sending More Drones and that Iran already has soldiers on the ground in Crimea involved in the fighting.

With last week Ukraine reported that over 30% of the Electric infrastructure being destroyed by Russian attacks so not only is Ukraine scrambling to keep the electricity on but intern the internet, train, system, and the over all military-industrial complex.