Ukraine insignia tell a few tales

What’s really funny, many Ukrainian soldiers are now painting (“unofficially” but nonetheless) the WW2-era German army Balkenkreuz symbol on their vehicles.




Interestingly, this started out as a simple “plus sign”, so that the Ukrainians could identify their own vehicles, same idea as the Russian Z and V symbols.

Then, the plus sign grew “fatter”, painted with a broader brush.

Then, it got more elaborate and became the Balkenkreuz.

The below tank (so funny) shows the complete evolution, having all three symbols on its side.




Again, this is not “official”, but it’s become quite common. It’s likely that by year-end, almost all Ukrainian army vehicles (whatever is left) will bear the Balkenkreuz.

I imagine it started as a way to troll Russia, like, “Hey, you say we’re all Nazis? OK, we’re gonna be Nazis!”

I’m sure my Jewish compatriots will love this… as soon as they read about it in the NY Times, any day now, hahaha.

Of course, this is what happens when you have a “constructed” country without its own genuine, unified history or any historically meaningful, distinct symbolism.

This here below, is “official”… It’s the insignia of the Ukrainian armed forces, also very similar to that of the Ukraine Security Service:




LOL. This is a Khazar tamga (the “Ukrainian trident”, yes, but as per archaeological finds, originally an official seal or cattle-brand of the ancient Turkic Khazar state, or some noble Khazar family)… inside a German “iron cross.”

What the fuck do these symbols have to do with a Slavic nationality calling itself Ukrainian?


The problem when you have no real history (distinct and separate from Russia’s) or distinct culture of your own…..

… that when you try to break off from Russia, and get under the patronage of another sugar daddy, your only possible state ideology, in fact, your only possible identity as a proud, patriotic Ukrainian…..

… to be un-Russianthe anti-Russia.

No other model for Ukrainian state ideology has yet been invented… not in 1918, not in 1942-1945, and not since Gorbachev.

And nowadays, that naturally involves lots of Nazi and/or Germanic imagery, LOL.

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One Response to “Ukraine insignia tell a few tales”

  1. newensign says:

    Its all part of demonising the true German people who are Saxons just as we are Tap. They are certainly not Slavs, unless they are the ones recruited to be slaughtered as canon fodder, as Zelenski himself declared, he is creating a greater Israel for the Edomite Khazarians to retreat to join the rest of their 200,000 kinsmen already there! The Khazarian symbol on the cross represents the suppression of Christians! The blue and and yellow are the Rothschilds business colours!