UK population is already over 70 million

Also the only party to be campaigning for an end to sanctions against Russia and the negotiation of peace.  Support The Teds if you actually want a country to live in.  TEDS – The English Democrats.  The rest just ignore the real issues.  Here is the real Winston Churchill of our day – Robin Tilbrook, founder of The Teds.




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  1. Mr Dude says:

    I wish I could still find it, but there was a chap somewhere who forensically analysed Tesco’s numbers and stats both current and historically, and he was convinced that those numbers put our population at around 80 million. He was an accountant. Feels that way in London for sure.

    • ian says:

      Yes it would be advantageous to them to falsify population numbers. It will allow them in theory, to kill loads off without affecting the official number too much.

  2. pete fairhurst says:

    Both are good videos from Tilbrook. He’s very correct, in fact he’s quite modest in what he says, we certainly need to be “cautious” about immigration into this country, no doubt about that. I’d go a lot further, we need immediate severe restrictions, enforced with consistency and in a very firm manner. Otherwise where will it end? I think that all of us here know the answer to that, it’s all planned

    It is no exaggeration to say that this would have been the majority position here in uk, all of the time since WW2, I’ve no doubt about that. Nobody EVER majority voted to increase immigration here, and still wouldn’t vote for that. But that didn’t stop the puppets pols did it? They just blustered and talked endless BS, on and on, regardless, nothing ever changed. Both parties too, they ALL spoke weasel words most of the time. When did ANY uk government reduce immigration? Hasn’t happened since WW2

    As Tilbrook correctly says then, it’s not too late by any means, far from it. But it will be too late if a halt isn’t called sooner rather than later. Worldometer has uk population at 68.7 million, so if actually over 70 now then at least 2 ill understated

    Further, I live quite close to an English city, and its satellites, which have a very high muslim population. And I must say that my direct experience has been very respectful and without any problem whatsoever. Quite a few muslims from there work in my immediate area and I have never been aware of any problems with any of them at all. Tap once said “I just see human beings” and I concur

    Even so then, there is no doubt whatsoever that large parts of that city are not English in any real cultural way at all. For instance, the police seem leave them alone, don’t even bother with minor stuff like car tax or mot’s, leave them to police themselves in effect. That is widely understood in my immediate area

    This was very noticeable during lockdown too, the large majority of the city just ignored the covid rules completely, life carried on as normal. No fools that community. I ignored all the rules myself and I travelled freely all over the north of England and Wales without problem. In fact I hoped to be stopped so I could demonstrate my smart arsed understanding directly to police. But never got the chance

    I taught my son to drive during lockdown, all around my immediate area, on perfect roads to start to learn, virtually empty. Except for that city which was a busy as ever. When he became more confident then, we ended up going here quite a lot, it was the only place with normal traffic

    ps not sure about that Churchill analogy Tap. Given what we all know here about that evil, genocidal maniacs real bio

  3. Tapestry says:

    If not Churchill Pete, then how would you present Robin Tilbrook in marketing terms? TEDS founder….? His character is an unusual one in this day and age. Churchill was not what everything thinks he was of course. But marketing is about window dressing not substance. Robin is all substance but he still needs window dressing. What’s around in the media to borrow?

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Fair enough Tap, in mainstream image terms, if not in reality, then you are correct. I suppose that is the large majority view too, most folk have no real idea about the “Greatest Ever Englishman”

      And yes, marketing isn’t really about substance at all. I always viewed the marketing managers as BS maestros in the businesses that I worked in, never had any time for them at all

      [I never worked for Corporate, always small/medium family owned companies that I was always a director of and that I had a minority stake in too. So I always worked for myself in effect]

      In fact the only time I ever actually enjoyed sacking anyone was when I once sacked a marketing manager. I always found sacking someone an unpleasant task, even though it was always justified, in my mind anyhow. Just this once I couldn’t wait to expel this brown nosing BS maestro who really rubbed me up the wrong way. I took great pleasure in escorting him off the premises I’m ashamed to say

  4. Tapestry says:

    Perhaps Robin Tilbrook, Teds Founder, Teller of Truth.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Far far better for me. But as I said then, I’m no marketeer