6 Responses to “UK is on the Brink of Collapse; What Happens Next?”

  1. Mick says:

    I think we must be close to a financial collapse simply by the sudden 180° turn the Tories have made over the benefits system. They are usually cold and heartless and many people can suffer and die while claiming them. I thought the generous wages paid to people laid off during shutdown was because the Tories were afraid many of their voters would need to claim Universal Credit otherwise. Then they’d discover just how ruthless the benefits system is, even though many of their supporters cheered on and voted for a cruel, punitive system.

    I suspect the sudden about-face is because they know many of their voters will soon find out how onerous the Tory benefits system has become and they are desperate to soften the blow. Because people who suffer badly under the Tories often resolve to never vote for them again

    • Mick says:

      Somebody once said that conservatives everywhere follow a simple rule to ensure most of the time they get voted back in…give just enough money to just enough people. Now after forty years of their own neo-liberalism they enriched the few and broke the country. Today they tried to rob the 99% to further enrich the 1%, but that 1% vote alone cannot return them to power, and that’s why they appear quite desperate to revoke their promised tax cut. It’s the first time since perhaps forever they’ve withdrawn a promise to the richest and that’s telling.

  2. newensign says:

    Is this why Danceaway, a hatchet job was done on the Labour Party aired on the GB Channel the other day, to boost the flagging Tories? showing precisely how Labour is controlled by outside forces (not named), but of course they won’t identify them and that all major parties are controlled too, including UKIP. See Link:

  3. pete fairhurst says:

    UK politics is so obviously rigged. The tory party membership has one foot in the grave, and yet they are the only ones to get to choose our next PM! The choice that they are offered is between a terminally dim moron, or a super rich foreigner. Both of whom are WEF committed sell outs with no connection to real people whatsoever

    The dim moronic winner then selects a team of inexperienced no-marks to run the country! Who proceed blow their credibility in a couple of weeks. Thus adding to the chaotic breakdown of the UK and paving the way for another arch globalist, Starmer. Who is a Trilateralist for Pete’s sake! Trilateralists are more senior globalists than WEF goons aren’t they?

    How could they be any more obvious? How can anybody think that this is just politics as usual? It is blatantly set up and timed to hit the sweet spot for the globalists. When there is maximum chaos because of all the coming crises: energy, food, commodities, finance and more

    • ian says:

      Spot on Pete.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Thanks Ian, that comment was provoked by my conversation this morning with my leftist bro. He thinks that it is all real! He loves slagging off tories and sees everything through that lens, give me strength

        He loves slagging off the US too. But he still believes all their anti-Russia propaganda as well!!! He’s swallowed all the major US psyops hook, line and sinker too! 9/11, Barry Obama a socialist!, Russiagate, Ukie coup, Covid [of course] and now the Russia bogey man caused the war. That’s a short list right off the top of my head

        He even told me that the Russians blew up their own pipeline! Ha ha ha