#ZelenskyWarCriminal was trending on Twitter last night.  As Citizen Journalists tweeted, maybe that has something to do with him approving of an ISIS-style terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge which killed civilians.  Maybe?

Journalist Graham Philips has reported that as many as six civilians have been killed by Ukraine’s “terrorist attack” on the Crimean Bridge as he confirmed two more, both historians from St Petersburg, had been killed.

“[Yesterday] there has been wave after wave of explosions, not just in Kyiv, but all across Ukraine, from Lviv in the west to Kharkiv in the east and Odesa in the south. This seems to be Russia’s answer to the attack on the Crimean Bridge 2 days ago which Russia has declared a terrorist attack by Ukrainian special services. This is a clear escalation of the war,” Patrick Lancaster reported.  He talked to Crimean residents to find out what they thought.  You can hear what they said HERE.

Below are the top 35 tweets in the feed at the time of writing, all of which included the hashtag #ZelenskyWarCriminal.  That the hashtag was written on all these tweets needs to be said as some of them were posted by Zelensky supporters – which can only help the hashtag #ZelenskyWarCriminal to stay trending.  The views the tweets express are a mixed bag with only one specific mention of the Crimean Bridge explosion.  Have a read and see what you think.

Snippet of Twitter feed on 10 October 2022
at 8 pm (British Summer Time, GMT+1)

David: “The truth shall set you free” [See video below.]


Sylvia: It is astonishing how quickly the Kremlin was able to activate Russian Tolls. Let’s not forget it was Putin/Kremlin who has morphed into a Terrorist organisation.

Sarah: How the f**k did they get #ZelenskyWarCriminal trending?

Warrior Mode: Putin invades Ukraine. Targets civilian buildings: such as houses, hospitals, schools, and churches. His troops target and massacre civilians, torture and rape women and children and somehow #ZelenskyWarCriminal is trending?!  #PutinWarCriminal is the truth and reality!

Sidharth Thakur: NATO launched more than 10,000 air raids on Libya in 2011 with over 500,000 Civilian Casualties. When they were questioned about civilian casualties they insisted that it was collateral damage and that it happens in wars. [See image below.]

Saviour: #UkraineUnderAttack #UkraineRussianWar #ZelenskyWarCriminal for those asking for iron dome listen. [See video below.]

BRadalad: Russian miss-information centres appear to have aligned their forces with the Kremlins terrorist attacks in a huge upscale in fake news this morning. They are really desperate. THE WORLD IS WITH UKRAINE GUYS.

Caperata: Cost of Living What? [See image below.]

GD Bakshi: Expressing my freedom of speech right, I am saying this. America is the only country in world that has ended more lives than all terrorist organisations combined on earth. And still people believe Russia is responsible for this war. [See image below.]
Saphira: Hypocrisy. {See image below.]
Kumar D: Don’t give a f**k to Kyiv. Situation has been intentionally created by the EU, NATO & #ZelenskyWarCriminal, not President Vladimir Putin (still in control).  I still remember how the so-called Civilised World destroyed Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc & no one cried. Hypocrites.

Jonah Goldberg: Amazing how the  #ZelenskyWarCriminal is trending because Russia is butt hurt over a blown up bridge, when Russia’s been blowing up schools, hospitals, and apartment complexes since February.

Navsteva: #ZelenskyWarCriminal is trending!

Kumar D: Everything was FINE till they sabotaged Russia’s pipelines, burned down the bridge, even blasts near Moscow. No one cried when Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc got bombed.  Why grave panic when Kyiv facing threat? It’s not #Putin, It’s NATO & #ZelenskyWarCriminal are to blame.

Dark Hallo X: Putin started a war with Ukraine but #ZelenskyWarCriminal is trending because of Russian Putin bots.

Oluwanishola: If Zelensky Have Listend to Trump, These Calamity Won’t Be Upon Ukraine. [See video below.]

David Morgan: The strangest warzone in history, where world leaders freely walk the streets in nothing more than a suit and tie with no fear for their safety. You’re being played. [See image below.]

The Real Joker: Interesting that in the West #ZelenskyWarCriminal is trending. Have people finally woken up to who the real enemy is? The global elites have a problem on their hands this morning. [See tweet below and Why Zelensky’s World War III gambit will fail]

Prateek kataria: If I won’t win I will take the whole world down. #Zelensky is way more evil than you think . This man is agent of secret society and  is the biggest criminal right now . He has thrown his own people to wolves.  {See tweet below.]

Perteneciente al sur: Until the West (#US) he will continue to send weapons but above all $ the Nazi #Zelensky will never agree to negotiate peace. [See image below.]

Mott Mason: Time f/#ZelenskyWarCriminal to GO.  Permanently. [See tweet below.]

GD Bakshi: Zelensky want NATO to attack Russia to prevent Nuclear war. This person is completely high on weed. [See image below.]

Filippo Maria O di B: The level of Ukrainian politicians for all to see. This is who you give your billions to. A miserable corrupt dirty poor country led by a mediocre coke addicted actor who wears a t-shirt and pretends to be Napoleon. [See tweet below from Andrij Melnyk]

Rakesh Arora: There is only one person responsible for the such condition of #Ukraine #ZelenskyWarCriminal. [See image below.]

Liyana Lewis: Let’s all die in a nuclear war for #ZelenskyWarCriminal. Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe. [See tweet below.]

Filippo Maria O di B: The bridge being blown while civilians cross it. Ukrainians are criminals. [See video below.]

Sholla.co.ke: Zelensky must Go.  Ukraine deserves peace. Zelensky doesn’t care moving the word into World War 3. Ukrainians are suffering because of Zelensky.  Russia may have done bad things but Zelensky has done worse.

Nix: Good to see #ZelenskyWarCriminal is trending. The Ukrainian people should get rid of the NATO puppet.

Mairead: Played a blinder, should get an Oscar.  Bought and paid for by the #WEF. He’s a #WEFpuppet.  Don’t be fooled by this actor. [See tweet below.]

GD Bakshi: Putin had warned Zelensky about NATO, yet Zelensky remained ambitious about joining NATO.  So, who’s at fault here?  Entire world knows about the history of NATO and Russia. [See image below.]

Yuri MkvZ: Zelensky called for NATO to carry out a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Russia.  The days of the puppet neo-Nazi fascist regime in Ukraine are numbered.

THX-1139: #ZelenskyWarCriminal is trending. Cool.

David: Soon, Zelensky will be the most dangerous man on the planet. {See video below.]

Ksesh: I genuinely do not see how it is possible for Ukraine not to expect blowback. After Zelensky did everything to provoke Russia in every way possible? After everything what happened to Donbass?

(((iAmAJudean))): To distract from their war crimes Russia has created the hashtag #ZelenskyWarCriminal. #PutinIsaWarCriminal is the correct one. This is the one that needs to go viral.