Trending on Twitter: UK Prime Minister Appointee Rishi Sunak is a WEF Puppet

The WEF was trending on Twitter again last night.  As we previously wrote, “The WEF” was trending just over two weeks ago and for all the right reasons.

Last night, at the time of writing, two main themes emerged from the top “WEF” tweets: Rishi Sunak, the newly appointed UK Prime Minister, is a WEF puppet; and, Premier Danielle Smith is exposing WEF’s involvement in Alberta’s healthcare.

Below are the top tweets from the Twitter feed. We have kept the order in which they appeared in the feed but separated them into three categories: United Kingdom, Canada and Other. Images, videos, tweets and article links immediately below the text of a tweet were attached to the original tweet.

Twitter feed on 24 October 2022
at around 8 pm (UK Summer Time, GMT+1)

“The WEF” United Kingdom

Bruce Vaughan: The WEF bot: Rishi Sunak becomes latest automaton for the anti-human agenda.

Read more: The WEF bot: Rishi Sunak becomes latest automaton for the anti-human agenda, Jordan Schachtel, 24 October 2022

Paul e: Rishi Sunak’s Family Runs a China-Linked, World Economic Forum Partner Company Peddling Digital ID & Social Credit Scores. His family has close ties to a tech partner of the WEF that’s advocated for a Chinese Communist-style economy e.g., trackable, digital IDs & currency!!

Crystal Clear!!

Jeremy Hunt – the current Chancellor has also expressed approval for the Chinese authoritarian way of doing things especially their barbaric Covid-19 policies.  Heaven help us!!

A reply to Paul e:

Jordan Schachtel: The WEF puppet groomed to be a British PM has made it clear that he does not associate with the filthy “working class.”

Janey: And just like that, all the stars were aligned for the WEF globalist criminals.

Montypocket69(The Hobbit): For as long as ANY political party follows the WEF narrative, we will continue to be lead down a specific path. That is to say, “you will own nothing, but be happy”. Sunak, Mordaunt, Johnson, Starmer … all in on it!!

Adnan Al-Daini Ph.D.: The EU is a WEF construct. Britain must NEVER re-join it, stay the hell out. Resist the WEF-Great-Reset.

Adnan Al-Daini Ph.D.: For Future’s Sake, join the resistance to the WEF-Great-Reset.

Kris Eriksen: So, the WEF blatantly installs another puppet in the UK, proving that they are continuing to usurp democracies all over the world……

Kris Eriksen: Our elected officials have turned our beautiful country into an international whore for the WEF. Happy Monday everyone.

America, You Have Been Played: The WEF isn’t messing around. They will do whatever it takes.

David Morgan: I predicted back in July that Rishi Sunak would become Prime Minister. The WEF are firmly in control. This is no democracy. This is a shameless coup. And our so-called Government are complicit in this power grab.

Zachary Tisdale: Anyone still talking about the WEF being a conspiracy theory is suspect.

Refusenik Paul: The WEF plan is now in full swing.

{Z/\c} 4 Liberty: The WEF now has full control over United States, Germany, France, UK, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand.   It is genuinely time to organize against this terrorist group and demand ANY politicians w/ connections be removed.  No Great Reset, No Agenda 2030.

Bernie’s Tweets: RISHI TRUDEAU – The man who would be PM. Infiltrated by the WEF and proud to deliver their “Build back program.”  Do not be fooled, this is the man who will deliver for the globalists. This is their man.

Bernie’s Tweets: U.K. – Rishi Trudeau … sponsored by the WEF and backed by globalists is about to be installed as PM.  He is an Agenda 30 cultist just like Trudeau. Watch until the end, it isn’t a conspiracy, it’s a fact!

{Z/\c} 4 Liberty: It is truly disgusting how many people wilfully look the other way because they are afraid to be labelled a conspiracy theorist.   Like it or not, the terrorists at the WEF are on the brink of ushering in digital ID and subsequently CBDC.  Normalise critical thinking again.

listen very carefully: Rishi is married to a billionaire globalist. Her father is the owner of INFOSYS. They are in partnership with the WEF and DAVOS Partners. INFOSYS are poised to roll out global digital ID. Rishi and his father-in-law enjoy a very, very close relationship.

Refusenik Paul: The WEF are quickly forming their UK government.

David Kurten: The Fake-Conservatives want a ‘reset’ just like Labour and the WEF. They can stick their ‘reset’ where the Sun doesn’t shine. Fight back.

Wall Street Silver: The WEF puppet Boris Johnson will not run, stepping aside so that WEF puppet Rishi Sunak can become the next UK Prime Minister.

Bernie’s Tweets: Jeremy Hunt appointed 4 bankers to his economic ‘advisory council’ All with links to the WEF and all backing the ‘Great Reset’.  Not one ‘advisor’ has worked in a business that produces anything at all. They simply feed off the backs of others. And now they are running the country.

Harry Kryshna: Ask yourself why a man from a family of billionaires with connections to the WEF and Bill Gates foundation, would want to lead the country in such desperate times for 160k pa. Is it for his benefit or ours?

Braveheart Zerkee: The next stage is set to unfold which will be a total collapse of the financial system. Who better to get to play the role than the man whose family owns a social credit score company. The WEF are totally on board with. The world is a stage and we’re just the audience watching it.

TraktorosJano: The WEF has infiltrated the UK parliament, end of. We should get rid of all 650 MPs!

“The WEF” Canada

Keean Bexte: Premier Danielle Smith (Alberta, Canada) drops the hammer on a mainstream media reporter who asks why she finds the WEF “distasteful.” Government bailout-brained journalists just can’t comprehend why Smith won’t be going to Davos.

NickLeaf: When you get Trudeau/Freeland talking about cutting back for the coming recession, be assured, it’s going to be bad, but THEY CAUSED IT.  The WEF Squad are saying this is the reset we need to get things back on track. Where have I heard that before?

Read more: The state of Canada’s economy and whether a recession is a ‘necessary evil’, CBC News, 24 October 2022

Bernie’s Tweets: ALBERTA – Danielle Smith says that she is pulling Alberta out of dealings with the WEF and the health department’s signed ‘partnership’ with them during the pandemic. Waking up to authoritarianism. Bravo.

Bushels Per Acre: Does Notely want the WEF to control Alberta’s healthcare? Why hasn’t she called out the WEF?

Vince Clements: What a Beautiful Soul! She is a ray of light illuminating the corruption of Trudeau, Freeland, Singh, Ford, Legault, and so many others that are part of the WEF/Medical Mafia!

Joe Blo: Danielle Smith is far from perfect. But in the last 2 days she’s called out Alberta Health Services for being compromised by the WEF, and gave a sincere apology to every government employee fired for their medical status…and offered them their jobs back. This is progress.

John McLeod: It is really refreshing to see Danielle Smith standing up for her principles again. She is exposing the WEF for its underhand deals with Alberta Health. She is calling out the Federal Government for its interference in Provincial affairs. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Mitch: Wait, so if Alberta signed an agreement with the WEF not to pursue covid therapeutics during the pandemic, what other governments agencies and politicians in Canada are beholden to this unelected group?

“The WEF” Other

It’s Gav: Wow, they just came right out and said it.  The WEF and Big Pharma hatched a plan in 2019 to reduce the human population by 50% by 2023. I hope you didn’t get the vaccine.

James Melville: “We penetrate the cabinets.” ~ Klaus Schwab.  Until this is stopped, democracy is lost.

Reply to James Melville, Layah Heilpern: We’re just lucky they’re so honest with us … as if this even started with the WEF.

Annabel “Refusenik” Perkins: “We need to laugh at the WEF, their ideas really are that bad” – Nick Hudson, PANDA

tsuzuku_ryudø: At some point political commentators are going to need to talk about the WEF elephant in the room…

blinkersareoff: There is no love or empathy in a world run by the WEF.  The WEF world is greedy, dehumanising, exclusive, repellent and bloated by its own evil.

Wall Street Silver: Just some guys at the WEF joking about depopulating the planet. No big deal.

Sikh For Truth: “This Great Reset touted by psychopaths like Klaus Schwab at the WEF is fundamentally about changing global finance to create a single world currency CBDC that will be digital, there will be no cash.” Jan 2022.

Alexandra Marshall: Farmers save lives. The WEF doesn’t.

Phil Leotardo’s crushed head:  F**k the WEF and their Great Reset.  We will not be slaves to your sick, evil agenda 2030! We will not eat ze bugs!!!!!! We will own whatever we want and be happy.

Wall Street Silver: Facial recognition system in Saudi Arabia… every person is followed and tracked in real time … The WEF vision of the future is quickly becoming reality around the world… is this how we want to live…?