Time for some more NATO war-prop

Europe (NATO) and the US are preparing a “coalition of the willing” .

The coalition of the willing refers to the invasion of Iraq. General Petreus is speaking about a new coalition of the willing to invade Ukraine and their plan to invade Russia after they succeed.

For whoever in Russia thought that this was just a war far away from Russia is wrong, it has become something beyond that, eventually to protect Russia. Let’s hope it will not come to this, but I am afraid we have to look at this option! They will start this most likely with a false flag, ,something like that Russia is blowing up the dam in Kherson or will use a nuclear tactical nuke…

Sonja van den ende


One Response to “Time for some more NATO war-prop”

  1. Aldous says:

    In World War 1, Germany was effectively destroyed (as it once was) even though not a single foreign military boot had set foot on German soil.
    The ‘Armistice’ effectively ushered in the Weimar Republic and ensured World War 2 a little over and mere 20 years later.
    Three World Wars were planned/envisaged by Albert Pike and 75+ years is a very long time for the uneasy ‘peace’ that has ensued since the apparent end(sic) of World War 2.
    Of course millions upon millions have died in regional conflicts since then, a couple of million of POWs (cynically renamed Disarmed Enemy Forces by Dwight Eisenhauer to get around the Geneva convention) in his Death Camps.

    Eisenhower’s Death Camps

    Albert Pike And The Three World Wars