3 Responses to “They can’t handle the truth! #GBNEWS HUGO TALKS”

  1. newensign says:

    It seems Hugo Talks is controlled opposition too! He can be traced back to Megan and Harry News group. A lot of sites are questionable, but we have to use our own discernment as to what is true, See link:https://www.carolinestephens.net/post/false-prophets

  2. ian says:

    Thank you newensign. I have suspected many news folks, ie Neil Oliver, Hugo etc No let’s start again. I’ve thought it odd that some of them are allowed into our realm. Trouble is, who do we watch or listen to. The AIC, arseholes in charge, aren’t going to leave us alone. It’s not easy, I’m good, are you.

  3. newensign says:

    Yes Ian I agree its difficult, but then one has to remember nothing is completely black or white. They all have to rap the lie up in some truth. One ancient said, truth is like digging for gold, one has to sort through tons of rubbish to get a few specks!! It was probably through the Royal connection, his two ones on the funeral were posted. The lady on the site that called out Hugo, seems to dismiss everything as disinformation, if we did that we would never arrive at the truth, but its better to be aware of the source Ian. I am not bad, but just getting over a bit of nasty cold, hope you are well?