“The WEF” Is Trending on Twitter and For All the Right Reasons

Last night “The WEF” was trending on Twitter.  The list is constantly moving but here were the top 30 posts on 6 October at approximately 9 pm (British Summer Time, GMT+1).

The image below is a snippet of Twitter’s feed at the time – nearly 31,500 tweets mentioning “The WEF” and the trending hashtag was #TruthAboutMRNAVaccines.

Here were the top 30 tweets mentioning “The WEF”in the same order they appeared in the Twitter feed:

Keep Britain Free: Never ever tell us the WEF is ‘just a forum’!! They ARE your enemy.

Kris Eriksen: The WEF has infiltrated our government, acted to influence policy and secure at least 100 million dollars in funding from taxpayers to create a digital ID. Poilievre must call this out.

Acclaimed Journalist and independent fact checker: The WEF is a greater threat to humanity than Putin will ever be. If you haven’t already realised this fact then you’re a lot more ignorant than anyone should be.

Unacceptable Cherie B: The WEF is the very definition of a terrorist group.  They have bragged about infiltrating governments and published their plan for world domination. So, by this definition, anyone with WEF affiliation and holding a govt position is guilty of treason.

Kris Eriksen: I want to thank all of the MPs that choose to stay silent on the exposure of the WEF $100 million dollar contract with our government……and the Chinese police stations.  Your support for globalism will wake up many more people.

Kanga:  Dutch citizens throw eggs at a canvas of their WEF shill Prime Minister Mark Rutte.  Politicians that follow the WEF will never walk the streets again. [See video below.]

Jo: Sod Ukraine. You are the British Prime Minister so concentrate on sorting out problems in the UK rather than following the WEF script. We never voted for anyone at the WEF and I’m sure if people were given a choice nobody would…

Theo Fleury: Anybody vote to give the WEF $100 million to be tracked like animals????

Maverick Crusader: Great article by @rupasubramanya! [Read more: Rupa Subramanya: Chrystia Freeland’s side gig with the WEF is endangering Canadian democracy, National Post.]

White Wabbit Warrior (Not a Bot): Please guys. Keep retweeting this, if for nothing more than to save it for the next time some jackass says you’re a conspiracy theorist for not wanting the WEF involved in dictating Canadian freedoms. [See tweet below.]

SAL: Schwab & the WEF are such a joke. They would love you to believe they’re on the brink of a Skynet neural net but really they’re a load of washed-up clowns, totally out of touch with reality and childishly suggestible to the most ridiculous claims of AI hucksters. [See tweet below.]

Rupa Subramanya: “Liberal” trolls lose their sh** every time my piece from February 2021 makes its rounds on Twitter. So here’s a replug… [Read more: Rupa Subramanya: Chrystia Freeland’s side gig with the WEF is endangering Canadian democracy, National Post.]

Chris Wick News: The Canadian government finally admitted that they were in cahoots with the WEF for Travel ID to the tune of over $105 million. [See images below.]

Theo Jordan: If you are even 1% surprised that Trudeau has contracted with the WEF to force Digital ID onto all Canadians, you have long been asleep at the wheel. [See tweet below.]

Jeff Travis: ArriveCan must be tied in with this $105 M project with the WEF.  So are these “Chinese cops” really cops or technicians overseeing and monitoring this “New Surveillance Project” with TRUDY’S blessing?

LionInWinter: Who are you loyal to? Ireland or the WEF? @LeoVaradkar [See tweet below.]

Eric Schmitt: Fauci: “I am the science.” WEF Member, noting the WEF partnered with Google to determine what results are shown: “We own the science.” Nothing to see here…Move along. [See video below.]

Alexandra Marshall: Knowing this, and acknowledging that most nations have a strict policy regarding foreign interference, why have our government ministers said NOTHING? There is not a single member of government who has gone on record to denounce or acknowledge their connection to the WEF. Not one.

Alberta Prosperity Project: “We need to eliminate billions of people, they will find peace in the grave.” You’ve got to think about what is coming and how we as Albertans can guard ourselves against Ottawa and the WEF. [See video below.]

Paul: The question is, “How much did they pay for it”? [See tweet below.]

Bernie’s Tweets: BBC Monitoring & BBC Reality check divisions dismiss the truth about the WEF as a conspiracy theory. Even though the WEF admit to accelerating their Great Reset program by penetrating governments.  They think we can still be controlled. But we see them now. [Read more: What is the Great Reset – and how did it get hijacked by conspiracy theories? BBC, 24 June 2021 and see images below.]

The Great Resist: The fact that nobody in power publicly wants to be associated with the WEF is a small win.

Annie Unvaccinated, never worn a mask: Digital ID is a great idea until the app says NO…..you can’t go there, you can’t buy this, or you spend too much, or you’re in the wrong place, your jabs are not complete, your comment about the government was incorrect, you didn’t comply with instructions…RESIST THE WEF!

The Great Resist: Don’t forget! Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock (who manages a quarter of the world’s money) is on the board of the WEF… That’s how much power they have. [See image below.]

M: The #WEF (The World Economic Forum) industrial complex feeding into The Great Reset / UN The Agenda 2030 made easier by business capture. Dr Robert Malone: “Blackrock, State Street and Vanguard Control World.” [See video below]

Paul Joseph Watson: She just admitted it.

Peter Clack: This expose of the WEF, UN and Google is a staggering admission, at the heart of the global warming scam. You can’t watch this too much & it should never be forgotten. This is the ultimate in controlling the narrative. It is why we are all so outraged. {See video below.]

Redacted with Clayton Morris: Hang on, the WEF is now doing THIS to our internet? 4 October 2022 (13 mins)

Liar.com deems me unacceptable: The WEF is completely powerless. Proceed accordingly. [See image below.]

Dragon Sissiy: We tried to warn you. You demonized us. You still have a chance to admit you were wrong, and join us against the WEF, all world Govts, and the evil pieces of shit that pushed this on everyone.

MarkFriesen The Grizzly Patriot: I’ll lay down my sword and unite with everyone right now if you all only agree to a few things. Agree to never trust the government, the establishment or the media or big pharma or the UN or the WEF. Do that, we can all unite for a better world. Doesn’t seem like too much to ask.


2 Responses to ““The WEF” Is Trending on Twitter and For All the Right Reasons”

  1. Mick says:

    I think a lot of men were entrapped the Epstein way, and they wouldn’t all need to travel to his island either. I think that photo of Prince Andrew in Maxwell’s London flat was a trap, as in, “We’ve got a surprise for you, Andrew”, and he was beaming because he knew he was going to have a pleasurable evening. Gotcha!

    Women as well as men can be trapped with money if that’s their thing, but I think some ambitious women who think they’re in safe company can be enticed to agree to unsavoury things they wouldn’t want repeating, such as letting old people die to save money, and even the murder of disabled babies “because of the burden on the education system” etc. Just one word in agreement and they’d be owned.