The WEF bot: Rishi Sunak becomes latest automaton for the anti-human agenda

Tory Trudeau becomes U.K. Prime Minister.

Today is a truly “historic” day for the United Kingdom. However, once you get past his outer layer, newly enshrined British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is nothing more than the latest version of a WEF-designed (World Economic Forum) prime minister robot.

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The Guardian @guardian
Rishi Sunak becomes first British PM of colour and also first Hindu at No 10

He is the same version as Justin Trudeau, but programmed with different talking points. This “conservative” politician, whose agenda seeks the same endgame as his liberal opponents, promotes the globalist Malthusian ideals currently inundating the anglosphere and the greater Western world.Upgrade to paid

He’s well spoken, well educated, and he checks the “historic” box not because of any ideas he may have, but purely because of his ethnic background. Most importantly, Rishi Sunak does not appear to possess a single independent thought. Nobody outside of his inner circle knows what he actually believes. Rishi Sunak follows the script.

Unfortunately, the science of robotics remains imperfect, and Sunak sometimes has his malfunctions. In his speech today accepting a seeming dictatorial coronation, he appeared to be glitching.

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James Melville @JamesMelville
Malfunction near the end.

Anyhow, the British NPC class has already hailed him as the savior of their nation.

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Piers Morgan @piersmorgan
BREAKING: Rishi Sunak is new UK Prime Minister. He’ll be the first British-Asian PM & first Hindu PM, and at 42, the youngest PM in modern times. I’ve backed @RishiSunak for a long time, think he’s the right guy for the job, and wish him every success.

Rishi Sunak was groomed for this moment for decades. This Oxford-educated politician was kept far away from the filthy “working class.” He promotes an agenda that seeks to serve the already established global ruling class, but would surely impose ruin upon the rest of humanity.

Sophie Corcoran @sophielouisecc
Rishi: ‘I have friends who are aristocrats, I have friends who are upper class, I have friends who are working class… Well, not working class.”

Sunak is a passionate advocate for the deindustrialization campaign known as “net zero.” He recently cut a promo for the World Economic Forum stressing his commitment to the climate hoax. “The challenge of climate change is clear, and it is urgent. We need to ensure a positive and fair transition to net zero,” Sunak said in the video.

The newly enshrined PM also supports the continuing centralization of society, through the installation of political and financial surveillance through Digital ID, a Chinese Community Party-like Social Credit Score system, and a Central Bank Digital Currency system. According to reports, his billionaire in laws are heavily invested in surveillance and digital identity schemes.

Favorite for next Prime Minister — Rishi Sunak’s Family Runs A China-Linked, World Economic Forum Partner Company Pushing Digital ID and Social Credit Scores.

Like a good WEF bot, Rishi Sunak is always supportive of The Current Thing, or the current PR campaigns of the globalist ruling class. From his fervent advocacy for failed mRNA injections, to his blank check support for the Ukrainian boondoggle.

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Rishi Sunak @RishiSunak
1/ Boris Johnson delivered Brexit and the great vaccine roll-out. He led our country through some of the toughest challenges we have ever faced, and then took on Putin and his barbaric war in Ukraine. We will always be grateful to him for that.

Sunak has already doubled down on The Current Thing. As one of his first acts as Prime Minister, Sunak placed an op-ed in the Kiev Post to showcase his support for the war effort. 

New UK PM Rishi Sunak Has Already Reassured Ukrainians of His Support

In becoming prime minister Monday, Rishi Sunak is just the latest of many heads of state to deploy the rhetoric and policies of the anti-human, Great Reset, Build Back Better agenda.


3 Responses to “The WEF bot: Rishi Sunak becomes latest automaton for the anti-human agenda”

  1. danceaway says:

    Alexander Mercouris seldom makes what one would regard as personal comments about politicians, but he made a slight exception with Richi, saying that he knows a person who was at Winchester College with him, and even then he condsidered himself to be supremely intelligent. Bear in mind that the students there are age 13-18. Winchester might be considered the Eton for the less wealthy, and the atmosphere is of a place for those who are rather special.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Board of Trustees of the WEF

    As we penetrate the obscuring of the Jewish Issue in alt media, we have hope that we can move toward a final resolution of the Jewish Issue before the mass doom of the “world government” that James P. Warburg insisted was inevitable.

    It is coming now in the form of the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset,” and it is known that the Board of Trustees of the WEF is dominated by Jews, and that Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab is Jewish through his mother.

  3. sovereigntea says:

    Overwhelmingly the single group responsible for imposing and operating the Federal Reserve system over the American people and yielding enormous wealth for themselves, were Jews. Of these, the Jew Paul Warburg, backed and even at the direction of the Jewish Rothschilds, were the dominant culprits.

    This is of immense importance. It goes beyond even the control that the Federal Reserve’s system has over the US economy. It leads us toward the final revelation of a Jewish agenda for world domination. Recall the statement made by son of Paul Warburg, James Paul Warburg, on the Congressional Record in 1950, before a Senate Subcommittee of the Committee on Foreign Relations, regarding Revision of the United Nations Charter. We will consider it in its succinct but potent entirety:

    I am James P. Warburg, of Greenwich, Conn., and am appearing as an individual.

    I am aware, Mr. Chairman, of the exigencies of your crowded schedule and of the need to be brief, so as not to transgress upon your courtesy in granting me a hearing.

    The past 15 years of my life have been devoted almost exclusively to studying the problem of world peace and, especially, the relation of the United States to these problems. These studies led me, 10 years ago, to the conclusion that the great question of our time is not whether or not one world can be achieved, but whether or not one world can be achieved by peaceful means.

    We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.

    Today we are faced with a divided world—its two halves glowering at each other across the iron curtain. The world’s two superpowers—Russia and the United States—are entangled in the vicious circle of an arms race, which more and more preempts energies and resources sorely needed to lay the foundations of enduring peace. We are now on the road to eventual war—a war in which the conqueror will emerge well nigh indistinguishable from the vanquished.

    The United States does not want this war, and most authorities agree that Russia does not want it. Indeed, why should Russia prefer the unpredictable hazards of war to a continuation of here [sic] present profitable fishing in the troubled waters of an uneasy armistice? Yet both the United States and Russia are drifting—and, with them, the entire world—toward the abyss of atomic conflict.