3 Responses to “The Time We Live in Now”

  1. ian says:

    Some wonderful imagery and symbolism. I have a reconditioned I phone of some sort. I only carry it if I’m expecting a return call or if driving a long way, (for me that might be a hundred miles or more). Sadsville Arizona I know.

    My eldest granddaughter was round last week, seeking solace, help, comfort, advice from her Granny. She had BoyFriend trouble. It was about a”tweet”, or Tick Tock, or some other fictional country in young folk land. I tried to join in with unwelcome advice but was given a Foxtrot Oscar look from Granny and escaped while still relatively unscathed.
    I would have advised her to kick him into touch, as he’s an arsehole, BUT I’m not allowed.

    My main point is just that as I sit here on my laptop, I’m pleased I’m old. A phone screen is too small to see, I can’t type with two thumbs and hold a conversation at the same time. I can’t be bothered down loading apps to make me look like micky poxy mouse. As I said I’m pleased I’m old, but for those not old, the video was frighteningly accurate.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Morning Ian – I recall the good old days when a phone was fixed to a location & if the spooks were listening the line developed crackles, noise & clicks. Now every lucky mobile device is tracked & spied upon 24/7/365 as is the lucky “owner”.

    PS SHTF in Crimea The Bridge is down

    video of damage etc


    • ian says:

      Morning Sovereigntea. Bad news from Crimea. Regarding the listening to phone call etc. A few years ago, I had a brief fling with FB. I remember seeing a post by a guy, that said, ” I think MI5 are watching me”, and underneath, it said, “MI5 , no we’re not”. Lol.