The new Zhukov

I n general, the situation in the special operation zone can be described as tense – Surovikin

The enemy is a criminal regime that pushes the citizens of Ukraine to death-Surovikin

The NATO leadership has been demanding offensive actions from the Kiev regime for a long time – Surovikin

We will act consciously and in a timely manner, not excluding the possibility of making the most difficult decisions – Surovikin

Daily enemy losses range from 600 to 1000 people killed and wounded – Surovikin:

The Ukrainian authorities use nationalist detachments against their military, who shoot everyone who tries to leave the battlefield – Surovikin

The enemy does not abandon attempts to attack the positions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, first of all, these are Kupyansk, Krasnolimanskoye, Mykolaiv-Krivoy Rog directions- Surovikin

The latest hypersonic aviation missiles “Dagger” have proven themselves well in hitting objects – Surovikin

The Special Operation confirmed the effectiveness of the aviation complexes and air defense systems in service in the Russian Federation – Surovikin

The Russian group of troops is increasing its composition, creating reserves and erecting defensive positions along the entire line of contact – Surovikin

high-precision weapons are being struck at military facilities and infrastructure facilities affecting the combat capability of Ukrainian troops – Surovikin
The Ukrainian leadership sends unprepared participants of the armed forces to demilitarisation by sending them to the front line – Surovikin

We do not strive for high rates of offensive, methodically grind the enemy and advance, we save the lives of our soldiers and civilians — Surovikin