The Irish Savant.

Let’s savour a short-lived Pyrrhic victory

A few posts back I cited Charles Moore, the quintessential Tory hunting-shooting-fishing toff as evidence for the catastrophic weakening of British pride and identity. If you remember he pointed out that none of the three most powerful positions in the Truss Cabinet was occupied by a White male, adding “and that is a good thing”. The point being that if the likes of the Hon. Charles Hilary Moore, Baron Moore of Etchingham believes that then who else can be expected to carry the Union Jack with pride? I wonder what he thinks now following the subsequent shambles.

For me said affirmative action shambles has been a source of delicious Schadenfreude especially the demise of that arrogant African Kwasi Kwarteng. His ‘difficult’ personality has been attributed to the endless additional hurdles he’s had to face throughout his life because of his race. In fact the polar opposite is the case: From the day he set his (bare) foot in Britain he’s been the beneficiary of non-stop preferential treatment at the expense of White Britons in terms of school, college placements and employment, held to lower levels of accountability and standards throughout (anything else would be racist) and then fast-tracked into the highest positions of the land. Were he an actual White Englishman he’d be occupying the equivalent of a low-level administrative position in a factory. What’s that you say, he graduated from Oxford University? Well so did David Lammy, Britain’s Stupidest Man (he thought Hitler’s first name was “Heil” and that Marie Antionette got the Nobel Prize for Physics) and Britain’s Stupidest Woman. I rest my case Your Honour. And this is why Kwarteng developed the African Big Man Complex with its concomitant delusions of omniscience. Putting such a person in charge of the nation’s finances was (I can think of – but will not use – a few ‘colourful’ analogies here) mistaken.

But any satisfaction we can take from their demise must be tempered by the nature of their likely replacements. We now know that the new Prime Minister will be an Indian with multiple passports and one more of the ex-Goldman Sachs larvae who have sunk their blood funnel into so many formerly independent White nations and openly taken over the political systems. Draghi in Italy (and Prodi before him), Turnbull in Australia, Macron (ex-Rothschild) in France, Morawiecki in Poland and that guy who was PM of New Zealand. And that’s just off the top of my head. On the upside there will almost certainly be two white males at Sunak’s top table. On the downside they’re both Jewish, and one of them (Grant Schapps) has as many aliases as Sunak has passports, deployed as he flitted from one business wheeze to the next, always one step ahead of the law. Right now as Home Secretary he’s the Britain’s top law enforcement officer. Who says crime doesn’t pay? So the new Cabinet when it crystalises will undoubtedly be as diverse as the pub scene in Star Wars. It will tilt heavily towards the Remainer/WEF/globalist camp which will likely result in the gutting of Brexit and the Third World immigration floodgates thrown open even wider. Best to make the country’s leaders feel right at home.

At a more profound level the coup against Truss has underlined the power of Britain’s Deep State as it were, the Permanent Government, the Bureaucracy, and looming over all of them the City of London, an exclusive corporate banker owned square mile entity with its own jurisdictions and financial laws. Parasites’ Paradise.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.



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