The Grayzone meets Ecuador’s indigenous resistance – Part 1

In the latest installation of an ongoing Grayzone series, filmmaker Oscar Leon meets the leaders of an anti-mining and indigenous strike that paralyzed Ecuador for two weeks during June 2022.

Leon visited two of the most representative towns of the Ecuadorian resistance and spoke to some of the key indigenous leaders to understand the issues behind their still-simmering conflict with the government.

While Ecuador boasts a progressive constitution, it is one of the last countries in Latin America with a right wing government that is supported by the United States of America.

It is also one of the last countries that has not overexploited its natural resources. Last June’s indigenous and anti-mining strike supposedly concluded with Executive Agreement #468, which among other provisions, took down 2 presidential decrees (95 – 121) both aimed at increasing mining production to the fullest extent possible, or as right-wing president and banker, Guillermo Lasso put it, “to the last drop” [of oil].

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