The Anglo-American War on Russia – Part Two (1992 – 2005)

472 views • 28 Oct 2022  Part One Link Below; Part Three – to Come

After the Cold war ended, the Warsaw Pact disbanded and Soviet forces went home. There was talk about disbanding NATO, which was formed to protect Western Europe from the now defunct Soviet Union. The European Union was formed in 2003 with twice the population of Russia and ten times its economic power. The EU began forming military battle-groups to deploy if needed for security and peacekeeping, so why did NATO still exist? American congressmen talked about a peace dividend that would occur as billions of dollars spent on NATO each year was directed toward needs at home.

Unfortunately, sinister elements in the US government began quiet efforts to undermine peace by expanding NATO. Russian efforts to join the European Union and NATO were rejected because the United States needed a Russian threat to expand NATO. The United States transformed NATO from a defensive alliance into a collection of European vassal states to help the American empire conquer the world.

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