The 528 Frequency can help to disable the toxins in the jabbed – including graphene oxide

Website: Meditative Mind is one site recommended by friends as very good. A good topic to explore.

Note from my friend: 

Of course, even if someone has not given in to the desperate lies designed to encourage good hearted folk to have the C19 experimental injection etc. then it is a very good idea to listen to the  528  frequency music/sound …


Wow! I have just discovered that one hour of listening will help restore the body’s cellular membranes which most likely have been impacted by the high levels of EMFs which have been increasing in intensity. e.g. 5g etc.


Us humans are powered by the electrical energy of the Earth and that is the ‘Schumann Resonance’ – which is usually 7.86 hertz. So when bombarded by EMF pollution, the cellular membranes shut down to protect themselves and they can’t self-cleanse properly or communicate with other. They can’t absorb nutrients so well either and the gradual build up of toxins etc. cause acidity  – which is a magnet to illness and dis-ease.


The body will generate symptoms to grab the conscious mind’s attention, as we need to be alkaline at the cellular level and toxin free.