Thank God It’s Almost Friday!

October 13, 2022


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Mike Adams -Global debt markets are breaking – pensions and currencies facing failure

The global debt market is orders of magnitude larger than the stock market, and debt instruments across the globe have nearly reached the breaking point due to the Fed’s steady increase in interest rates this year.

In Tokyo, the Bank of Japan has been unable to find a single buyer of 10-year Japanese Government Bonds (JGB) for the last three days.

The governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, just warned investors that they had three days to liquidate debt holdings before the BoE pulls out and stops buying up all the failing gilts (bonds) that fund pensions in the UK.

Debt instruments, pensions and bonds are beginning to break all across the world. We need to watch this very carefully and avoid getting wiped out as the house of cards falls.

Makow- I don’t agree that the Fed is at war with Europe and is raising rates to destroy Europe.


Israel Shamir- The Dull War

Russians are unhappy with the way the Russian army is acting. The explosion on the Crimea Bridge has made this feeling acute.

 The War That Isn’t a War So Far

Rolo Slavsky lists the mistakes Russians must now correct

Canada scrambles to regain a fig leaf of credibility

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will finally have to answer for his dictatorial use of the federal Emergencies Act, which he invoked to brutalize peaceful Freedom Convoy protestors opposed to his pandemic regime



Geert Vanden Bosch

“And the reason why I’m sending out this video message is because I can no longer stand it. For me, it has become unbearable to see how our health authorities, our experts and governments are still trying to make people believe that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and that they will be able to control the pandemic.”


 More doctors are getting 20/20 hindsight
 “The Fix was in.”    What a doofus

 PJW – on Libtard Reaction to Ticker Carlson’s Doc “End of Men”

 The “Died Suddenly News” Facebook group created as a hub for friends and family members of those killed by the COVID “vaccines”–as well as those injured by them–is already back up and running after being shut down by the social media giant in late September. As of now, the group has nearly 120,000 members, all of whom suspect that the experimental shots are behind the sudden deaths they’ve witnessed since the injections’ rollout in 2021.


Russ Winter

Unnatural Atonality Scam Turns Music into Hard, Painful Work for the Listener

While traditional classical music follows strict patterns and a formula that allows the brain to make sense of the sound, modern symphonies by composers such as Arnold Schoenberg, Alban Berg and Anton Webern simply confuse listeners’ brains.

KRAYDEN: With the Emergencies Act Inquiry, the jig is up for Justin Trudeau

“We will soon know that Trudeau was very well acquainted with the facts of the Freedom Convoy but he chose to assiduously ignore them and distort reality to his own political ends.”


They control us through their control of our money
Kanye West doubles down on anti-Semitic tweet saying he was ‘calling out bad business’ and fumes at JP Morgan Chase for canceling him—thank-god-its-almost.html