Talk of Ukrainian dirty bomb makes US jittery. Senator Black.

Oct 25, 2022 Join Senator Black and other leaders at the Schiller Institute conference — Thursday, Oct. 27, 10am eastern.

No problem killing foreigners.  But if Americans might die in a nuclear war, they don’t seem quite as keen.

Republicans start to break ranks with blindly supporting Ukraine.

Dick Black criticises Ben Wallace, and his secretive visit to Washington.  Something explosive was being planned, people believe.

Black gives credence to the dirty bomb false flag narrative.

They know Russia is ready to attack Washington if they feel the war is losing control, heading for mayhem.  Russia will attack Washington, and probably London.

A few more Americans might wake up when the White House and Congress are no more.  This is not a game.

Putting America’s future in the hands of Zelensky is the end of the West, unless the West unwinds and supports Russia in removing their criminal and his hoods from power.