Swindon Resistance: Magnet Test and Outreach Stall – 08/10/22

Quote: “Swindon Resistance held a Neodymium magnet test and 5G outreach stall in Swindon Town Centre on Saturday 8th October 2022. We tested around 25 people and found two people who were magnetic. The human race is being turned into the Internet of bodies. These two people may be able to claim up to £120,000 for medical battery. The people responsible for injecting them gave no informed consent or knowledge of the ingredients in the so-called vaccines.

Follow the pinned instructions on this Telegram channel: https://t.me/victimsofthenanometaantenna

Be the resistance. The truth will be revealed. Please share this video far and wide. Join the criminal investigation teams save lives: Info@saveusnow.org.uk

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One Response to “Swindon Resistance: Magnet Test and Outreach Stall – 08/10/22”

  1. Ander1991 says:

    Check out what Jeff “Big Foot and UFOs” Rense and Erica Khan say about COVID, the vaxx, no graphite present, distraction from the Spike Protein and who they think’s behind Pfizer, Moderna etc – and it’s a Guvmint Deepartmint!