Sunak Becomes UK Prime Minister. US dismisses DIRTY BOMB Claims as “Transparently False”

24 Oct 2022   iearlgrey  Inside Russia

Western governments want us to suffer:

Live news updates: Rishi Sunak to address MPs after winning leadership contest:

US dismisses ‘transparently false’ Russian claims of Ukraine plan to use ‘dirty bomb’:

Britain, France and the United States responded to the statement about the “dirty bomb” in Ukraine:

Briefing on radiation security threats by the chief of nuclear, biological and chemical protection troops Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov:

Nuclear Power Plants Slide:

Source of Radioactive substances slide:

Forecast of Fallout Slide:

Provocations Slide:

The Ministry of Defense put the forces on alert because of the “provocation with the“ dirty bomb ”:

Kherson authorities announced the imminent release of three more regions of Ukraine:

Three missiles of Ukrainian troops hit the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station, no damage:

“We ourselves need a Marshall Plan!” Angry Germans attacked Scholz:

EU To Give Ukraine 1.5 Billion Euros Per Month Next Year:

Corruption concerns involving Ukraine are revived as the war with Russia drags on:


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