SMO coming to an end, conflict paradigm shift. Lavrov, Russian diplomacy success (2 videos)

Alex and Alexander discuss the criticism the Russian military has received from Kadyrov and another general, and from Russian bloggers, and the way in which the western media is now reporting what these bloggers are saying instead of what Ukraine tells them, as their intent is to undermine support for the Kremlin amongst the Russian people, in the hope that this can result in regime change.

They also discuss what may transpire in the future, looking at a few different scenarios. Alexander expresses the view that initially the Kremlin’s objective was to get Kiev to negotiate early on, and that when that fell through, the Kremlin has had to develop another strategy, and this has turned out to be much more complex that originally envisioned, encompassing, as it does the EU destruction of itself, and its countries all in the attempt to destroy Russia. Alexander feels they therefore had to get their allies on board with this new direction. Alexander points out how critical Lavrov’s role in this has been. A very complex discussion which is best listened to oneself.!

Russia Mobilises, Ukraine Attempts New Kherson Offensive, Suffers Heavy Losses, Slowed by Autumn Rains

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