Simpsons clip ‘brilliantly’ sums up the ‘renewable energy dilemma’

Sky News host Chris Kenny says he’s seen a clip of the animated series The Simpsons that sums up the renewable energy dilemma as “brilliantly as ever”.

“That’s Australia, we’ve taken the Homer option and deliberately chosen to rely on intermittent power,” Mr Kenny said.

“And unlike Springfield, we refuse to use nuclear energy.”

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2 Responses to “Simpsons clip ‘brilliantly’ sums up the ‘renewable energy dilemma’”

  1. ian says:

    Over simplified but good. It feeds into the system, but is useless when the wind drops, eg in still frosty weather when you’d like it to work, it doesn’t. Most people don’t ever never ever never, even think about how it works, or care.

  2. Mick says:

    There is another limitation of renewables which some Texans learned about a few years ago during the blackouts there. They thought their solar panels would at least provide them some power, but it turned out that because they were hooked up to the grid to sell power back to the power company, when the grid went down their solar gear went down too, so they had no power themselves. Their solar power needed to be independent of the grid with inverters and batteries, then they’d have been alright.