School Board are Silent…..Check the books being promoted to your children

Warning: This is unpleasant, but unfortunately, real.

A local dad just STUNNED his kid’s school board when he read aloud passages from a DISGUSTING book in the school’s library.

WATCH Kari Lake put the media in their place like a pro:…

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One Response to “School Board are Silent…..Check the books being promoted to your children”

  1. ian says:

    I remember once reading that as the Israeli army went around spraying Skunk spray over Palestinian houses, while the only TV stations available showed pornography 24 hrs a day.
    Using sex as a weapon is not new. The Russians attacking Germany in WW2 were urged to rape rape rape by Ilya Ehrenberg, you can guess his ethnicity.

    Promoting sex to kids will remove their innocence, why. The nearest we got to sex at school was Rosie from Cider with Rosie fell once thus flashing her Knickers. I haven’t quite recovered yet, I’d led a sheltered life. However six months of counselling later I was fine. Seriously though. Everything that White European people hold dear is being attacked, even our kids. The owners hate us, and will not stop the attacks unless we stop them.