Russophobic Totalitarian Regimes in Europe

The global informative and propaganda forgery of the USA, EU, and NATO’s ruling circles became the focal source of the massive Western informational aggression against Russia during the last decades. The Western diplomatic reaction to the absolutely legal choice of the Crimean residents to rejoin Russia in 2014 followed by the economic war initiated by the West against Russia is absolutely illegal from the point of view of international law. The Western economic and political sanctions against Russia for reincluding Crimea are just another global international crime of the Russophobic US-NATO-EU triangle states.

Historically, Western politics in the international arena and international crime have long been in direct connections. All those who support and justify Western neo-colonial expansion based on different “color” revolutions, Arab springs, Tahrirs, Maidans, and other movements, basically support the Western policy of breaking international law and rules. In other words, they simply encourage Western crimes against international law.

After the Cold War 1.0, not only illiterate pathological Russophobes are victims of official Western and their eastern clints’ Russophobic propaganda policy carried out by their “democratic and liberal” Governments for 30+ years (like in the Baltic States, for instance). However, there are much wider social and political circles to be directly engaged in the spread of Russophobic military hysteria, open merciless brainwashing of their citizens on various social networks and official state-sponsored mass media (like, for example, Lithuanian Radio-Television – LRT). Lies, distortion of the provisions of the sources of international law, and open manipulation of public opinion have already reached the institutional level in the majority of European countries. They simply became the official domestic and foreign policy of the pro-US/NATO/EU Russophobic Central/East European Governments. The highest Government officials treat the essential concepts of international relations in an incredibly superficial way, irresponsibly juggle terms, and horribly distort the terms presented in the sources of international law and at the same time pose a threat to peace and security not only in Europe but also in the whole world.

Such behavior of the Central/East European ruling elite greatly and directly harms both the personal and national interests of their citizens and the international moral prestige of their states and causes significant damage to the country’s economy. The well-organized and Government’s-controlled propaganda network in Europe spreads the following focal Russophobic fabrications: Russian aggression on Ukraine, illegal annexation of Crimea, violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity in East Ukraine, Russian interference in Ukraine’s internal affairs, etc. Such framed propaganda is massively reproduced in the public space for information users, professional propagandists, journalists, or/and political commentators who are, in fact, giving a completely opposite meaning of the real truth. This propaganda replaces the acting forces and thus present the real warmongers – USA/NATO/EU – as a victim of Russian aggression and quasi-peacemakers with the final goal to turn their citizens in the direction of open Russophobia with the help of media manipulations.

In newly accepted EU/NATO member states, there are a lot of insolent online trolls and all kinds of elves operating in social networks perceive such a lie from above as indisputable proof of their superiority over other, sane members of society, and use it as a basis to join illegal, supposedly patriotic groups that make provocations and unethical attacks on other members of society – members who have a different opinion, whose point of view is based on objective information and unbiased analysis of events.

Such “patriots” are supported by different means by their Governments and ruling establishments, and it is an indisputable sign of a totalitarian regime when a certain group appears in society, which perceives itself as better than others, the rest of society, and gives itself the right, an unfounded right, to teach other members of society how to live, as shown on television channels to watch, how to think, what to think and do it in the most audacious way. Often, such “patriots” even openly threaten to deal with other-minded people, and in their opinion, this is normal communication in public space. The Governments, which are promoted only one-sided “truth” for 30+ years (like in Lithuania for example), are supporting such actors, as these actors create an atmosphere of instability, fear, and hatred in the society with their obscene behavior. In essence, their threats help to maintain the control of the society in the hands of completely compromised pro-US/NATO/EU parties.

All branches of Government, acting against the constitutional right of their citizens to have their own opinion and express it freely, unite and act in unison against society and citizens. There were cases when in some countries district court fined a local “patriot” with some funny fine like several tens of euros for publicly calling for killing and calling to brutally deal with the citizens whose opinion on the issue of the Ukraine crisis does not coincide with his own. Therefore, there is enough reason to investigate the myths of the information war against Russia, and open fabrications spread by the propaganda of Western Governments and to determine, based on the sources of international law, what place lies and manipulations are occupied in both propaganda policy and information space of these Governments.

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Dr. Vladislav B. Sotirović is a Former university professor in Vilnius, Lithuania. He is a Research Fellow at the Center for Geostrategic Studies. He is a regular contributor to Global Research.

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