Russia’s Response? Russian Armed Forces destroyed the Special Operations Forces Training Center in Ochakovo

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Russian Armed Forces destroyed the Special Operations Forces Training Center in Ochakovo

Russia responded to Ukraine on the Saturday attack of the ships of the Black Sea fleetby hitting high-precision weapons at the training center for special operations forces of the Ukrainian Navy in Ochakiv. According to the Ministry of Defense, the center has been destroyed.

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According to available information, the Russian Armed Forces carried out an attack on the Naval Forces of Ukraine base in Ochakovo, where the Training Center for the MTR of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is located, it is reported that the communications center and other facilities on the base were destroyed. Previously, kamikaze drones “Geran-2” worked out at the Center. Earlier it was reported that Russian “Geran” went in the direction of Ochakov and Odessa, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine traditionally reported on their destruction, but apparently not all of them were destroyed.

According to the military department, it was at the MTR Training Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that British instructors trained Ukrainian servicemen to control naval drones, which were used to attack Sevastopol. By the way, the drones were also supplied by Britain. In general, the center in Ochakovo was built by the Americans and the British precisely for conducting special operations against the Black Sea Fleet, the presence of Ukrainian Navy units there was only a cover.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense reported that they had lifted from the bottom of the wreckage of naval drones used to attack ships on Saturday morning. According to the study of the remnants of drones, it was possible to establish that they were taken out along the “green corridor” for a grain deal, after which they changed the route towards Crimea. It is assumed that they were taken out on one of the civilian ships “chartered by Kyiv or its Western patrons for the export of agricultural products.”

It is worth noting that the Russian Armed Forces have already launched strikes on Ochakovo, in June two small missile boats of the Ukrainian Navy, brought from Odessa to prepare an attack on Snake Island, were destroyed there. At the same time, it was reported that the special operations center built in Ochakovo, designed to monitor the operational situation in the Black Sea and transmit information to the United States and NATO, was no longer functioning. As it turned out, the information about its destruction was premature.