Russian General Surovikin Speaks, Kherson Battle Looms, Drone/Missiles Strikes Continue

Update on Russian military operations against Ukraine for October 19, 2022 –

Russian missile and drone strikes continue for over a week, knocking out much of Ukraine’s electric grid;

– Ukraine is wasting precious small arms ammunition in failed attempts to counter Russian Geran-2 drones;

– NATO claims it will send means to counter them – nothing of substance actually revealed;

– Russian forces continue to advance in Bakhmut, indicating Ukrainian forces are stretched too thin;

– Russian General Surovikin is focused on the defense of Kherson which is being evacuated;

– Fighting may reach the city, Russia has in the past withdrawn forces rather than have them destroyed or captured;

– Whatever gains Ukraine makes will be temporary – Kiev is trading its entire army for territory hoping for a political resolution in its favor ahead of a military resolution in Russia’s;


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