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Russian commander sees Ukraine’s strength has peaked while his own starts to rise

From Commander Alexander Khodakovsky today –

It seems that at the end of the “season” the enemy wants to pull off a maximum program: by stirring up the situation in the Kherson direction, it is again accumulating resources near Krasny Lyman, obviously preparing to continue the offensive. In principle, if it worked once, why not try again… In the Ugledar direction, according to intelligence reports, a series of spot reconnaissance strikes are being prepared in order to identify weaknesses – they also do not leave attempts to break through…

But it is becoming increasingly obvious that the offensive resource of the enemy is limited. To increase the potential in some area we have to take off the units from the other ones, but if you organize the defense properly it doesn’t pose any threat to it: good engineering support and the work of artillery at preemptive warning allows it to be in the defense and in the limited strength.

On our side we are not yet ready for large-scale actions – the reinforcements arrive but they still have to be brought to “normal” combat. Right now the enemy and I are in different phases: his potential is greater than ours but going down, – ours is weaker but on the rise. It is important to make every effort and show stamina to wait for the moment when the opponent and I will “unravel” and already we will look at him from a dominant height.

via Russell Bentley.

Today was the funeral of Elia Putzolu, my friend and comrade, a spetsnaz soldier who died in battle on October 17th. Elia came to Donbass from Italy in 2018, to defend Donbass and the world against 21st century nazism. He joined the Army right away and served in combat the whole time. He was an excellent soldier, fearless and highly skilled, one of the best soldiers in the most elite unit of the DPR Army – 3rd Spetsnaz Battalion – “The Hunters”. He did not like war and killing, but he understood that there was no other choice, and that nazis and nazism are a disease. He cured many of them. Permanently.

Off the battlefield, he was kind, generous and a real gentleman. His wish was to open a shelter for abandoned animals after the war. His body will be returned to his mother and father in Italy. He was only 28 years old. He lived and died like a Hero, and is now in Paradise in the company of Saints and Heroes. Davai, Bratan, the troubles of this world are no longer your concern. We will continue the work where you left off, we will finish the job, and we will never forget you.